2020 Wishtrend Best Beauty Awards, the Best of Best!

by Wendy Kim on Dec 26, 2020

gahAs we say farewell to 2020 (what a year it has been for all of us) and welcome in a fresh start with 2021, it's time to review all the best of beauty that happened throughout the previous year. We've collected some of the best sellers of 2020, that kept good company on your vanity throughout the tough and unprecedented year and favorite items among our staffs here at Wishtrend! So make sure to take a look at it before we welcome a new year! 

The Top 5 Best Beauty Awarded Products of 2020!

Here are the top 5 best of beauty products you all loved the most in 2020! 

#1 Best Selling: By Wishtrend Green Tea Powder Wash


BWT Green Tea Powder Wash

Why me?

This green bottle has long been Wishtrender's favorite for years now, so it's no surprise that it made it to the first on the list! This powder cleanser is moist as a low pH cleanser and refreshing as a scrub. Green Tea Powder effective in cleansing and soothing guarantees refreshing use. Papain Enzyme, Coconut-derived Surfactant and Baking Soda gently melt away blackheads, impurities and dead skin cells for brighter and smoother skin. Enzyme Wash has hydrating, exfoliating, moisturizing and pH balancing properties. It helps exfoliate through enzymes but not only that, this cleanser also has also a couple of great ingredients that are very beneficial to the skin. And these are some favorites among the formulation: ✔︎ Green Tea Powder✔︎ Papain✔︎ Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)✔︎ Amino Acid Surfactants 

#2 Best Hydrating Toner: I'm From Rice Toner

Rice Toner Shop Now


Why me?

This toner made from 77% pure Yeoju rice exact from Korea is formulated to deliver natural ingredients in a concentration deep into the layers of the skin. This concentration of rice extract provides the skin with an abundance of lysine which help builds collagen production in the skin. Because it’s a toner for skin, it’s best used right after cleansing for optimal results. After taking a peek at the key benefits of rice water for skin care, its clear to see that products containing this extract are most ideal for those with normal to dry skin who need anti-ageing care and are looking to target and balance out any uneven dark spots on the skin. My no. 1 Toner for 2020! ★★★★★This feels so hydrating right from the 1st pat! There's this silky feel everytime. It absorbs fast, and noticed that it moisturizes too. Yes it has the Brightening effect even just using this for 2 weeks! I can just imagine if I use up the whole bottle! And yes I already have a back up! Love it! 

#3. Best Calming: Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream


Why me?

Repurching a product means it really works, and we are not surprised to see the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream as one of the most repurchased item in 2020! This advanced concentrated cream is designed to repair extremely damaged, irritated, and sensitive. Returning skin to a more calm and nourished state. Making it an ideal product for all skin types, no matter what kind of negative skin condition your experiencing. Holy Grail Product, Sis—it’s worth. ★★★★★This saves me in combination with other products from this line, from Klairs in general. The absorption in combination with layering is EVERYTHING! I HATE anything that leaves my skin feeling greasy or like I have a film of something over my face and this  does not do that. It absorbs nicely leaving you with a nicely moisturized face and your redness will be calmed, honey! I ain’t making any coins for this but I will endorse this product (along with others) till the day I die.  That’s just reality.  

#4 Best Performing: By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum


Why me?

It’s no surprise seeing this powerful vitamin c serum as the top recommended product of 2018! When it comes to fading acne scars and boosting skin collagen levels, this serum can’t be beat! As one of the most viral Korean skincare items on the online market for vit C, the By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum is your ticket to flawless even-toned skin! BEST VITAMIN C SERUM! Malassezia Safe! ★★★★★This serum actually works! It’s so amazing that it saves me from my hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne marks! Plus! It easily absorbed and it does not sting! I only use it at night because I’m not into sunscreen. If you are looking for a fungal acne safe or Malassezia safe serum, this one is perfect! It also tightened my pores.  

#5. New but Popular: Rovectin Aqua Enriched Hydrating Package


Why me?

Rovectin just joined Wishtrend in 2020, and despite it being the latest brand to join Wishtrend, it has already made its name to be one of the best sellers. The Aqua Enriched Hydrating Package includes 5 of Rovectin's Aqua Enriched Products from cleanser to sheet masks to hydrate the skin. From the Conditioning Cleanser is a low pH, hydrating cleanser that gently washes away daily residues without stripping the skin to the Treatment Lotion hydrates the skin to create a supple appearance and the anti-aging barrier repair complex works to moisturize the skin. Those who struggle with skin dehydration or those looking for a full routine to keep skin moisturized during dry and winter seasons will find it most useful! SAVED MY SKIN ★★★★★

I've got oily, acne-prone skin. two weeks ago, ive used too much exfoliating products and it broke me out. at the point my skin was super dry (normally was oily but that time was super dry), acne all over my face (which is not normal for me as I normally only got it on the sides of my face) and redness all over my face, at that moment i know that I did TOO MUCH EXFOLIATION and MY SKIN BARRIER WAS BROKEN. I bought the travel sizes of these rovectin set and in 3 days it helped with my bad bad skin, it improved my skin barrier and my skin texture ! I used in combination with rovectin LHA blemish ampoule too! (thats really good in healing my acne) . its been around 8 days since Ive changed my whole skincare to rovectin line and my skin have never felt so good before, my skin barrier was healed and my skin now is less oily, no acne just a lil scars( urgh post cystic acne) and no redness at all (which is a huge thing for me cos i always always have redness), thank you so much rovectin, will continue using it ! my current skincare routine with rovectin is: rovectin cleanser - rovectin treatment lotion - rovectin aqua serum - rovectin lha blemish ampoule - rovectin aqua moisturiser - klairs sunscreen (morning). Ive also used eclair LED therapy mask for like 3 times now and i found that i really helped to reduce the oiliness of my skin!


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