2020 Halloween Will Be Easier with This 6 Heavy Makeup Removal Tips!

by Hailei Kim on Oct 23, 2020

Halloween is not like any other nights. Unless you want the next horror scene to be on your skin, you have to really get in there to make sure you have properly removed all the makeup. One night of spookiness is enough. Here’s a 6-step cleansing routine to keep your skin from being haunted by purging and breakouts.  
  • 1. Soften Makeup with an Oil-Based Cleanser 

 Think about how longer than usual it took for you to get the perfect eyeliner line and eyeshadow on point. If you put on extra foundation to add color to your skin, you are in double trouble. Use an oil-based cleanser to soften the thick layer of makeup you have on. Let’s not take it easy by trying to cleanse it off all at once. First, really aim for removing the mascara, eye shadows, lipstick, and other special makeup if you have any on. It’s okay if you can’t get it all at once. Try to focus on making the makeup that has stiffen over time soft by gently rolling the areas with the tip of your fingers. Here, using your fingers is recommended as it will help you determine how much the makeup has been disintegrated. 
  • 2. Go in again with an oil-based cleanser for overall makeup removal 

 Pump the same product onto your palms and thoroughly rub that oil-based cleanser on your face. This time, you are going to focus on removing the overall makeup and foundation that you might have missed in the first step. You are welcome to use cotton pads or cleansing tools as it will guarantee a more effective makeup removal. I always like to finish off with some oil cleanser and a cotton pad to check if there are no more residue on my skin that can be cleansed off.  
  • 3. Rinse with lukewarm water and don’t rub 

 Make sure that the temperature is just right when you are rinsing with water. Using warm water will allow your pores to open so you can clean out the dirt and dust that have been building up in your pores. So if the temperature of the water is too low, you might actually close your pores and end up cleansing only the surface of your skin. However, the water should never be too hot because it can cause irritation and redness. Lukewarm water is enough to get you perfectly ready for the next step.   
  • 4. Double Cleanse with a low ph-cleanser 

 You can never go wrong with double cleansing in situations like this. Switching from oil-based cleanser to a more traditional foaming cleanser, you are making sure that you don’t miss even the single particle of your Halloween makeup. Here, it’s important that you double cleanse with a low ph-cleanser. It is highly likely that the ph-balance of your skin is messed up after a long night out. Your skin is already irritated from being bombarded with strong cosmetic products that you normally would not have on that much. Maintaining the right balance of ph-level is the fundamental of having blemish-free porcelain skin. Especially if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, you want to do cleansing right with a low ph-cleanser to prevent unwanted breakouts and redness the next day.  
  • 5. Exfoliation is a choice 

 Now here is a tricky part and it is totally up to your call. Exfoliation is not a must but an option on a night like this. The low ph-cleanser that you have used in the previous step is mildly acidic and you do not want to anger your skin with strong physical exfoliation. Exfoliating is only recommended once or twice a week and if you over do it, your skin could show signs of low-level burn, irritation, and redness. So when you know that you’ve done your part for the night with the fourth step, double cleansing, don’t feel pressured to go the extra mile and exfoliate your skin.   
  • 6. Hydration is key after cleansing heavy makeup

 You’re almost there so listen up! Did you know that cleansing routine is not finished with rinsing but moisturizing? Your cleansing regimen should always finish off with toner, not foaming cleanser. After cleansing your skin until it’s “squeaky clean,” remember that it was all for nothing without hydrating your skin. There are so many ways of hydrating your skin after cleansing. When you are done cleansing heavy makeup, I want to stress the importance of applying toner. Wet a cotton pad with toner and gently wipe it across your cheeks, starting from the center and working your way to the sides. You would probably want to grab another pad for your T-zones. Leaving the cotton pads on your face so that it works like a temporary sheet mask is my secret for when I need extra hydration. 

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