2019 Wishtrend Black Friday Pre-Sale, All You Need to Know!

by Wendy Kim on Nov 11, 2019

It’s finally here! Wishtrend Black Friday Pre-Sale is finally open! I know you’ve been waiting for Black Friday for a while now, but the waiting is done! I'll be guding you through the Wishtrend 2019 Early Bird Pre-Sale so that you can get hands on your favorite skin care products and beauty produts earlier than anyone else! Wishtrend Black Friday Gothamista Insert ImageThe Black Friday Pre-Sale will last for a week before the official Black Friday starts. So, buckle up and see why being an early bird is better for 2019 Wishtrend Black Friday! 

1. Gothamista, the goddess of skin care for the skin rescue!

If you love skin care, it's hard to scroll down a Youtube page without encountering videos of Gothamista . Gothamista (Renée), is no stranger when it comes to the world of skincare and beauty! Known to be the “Professional Treasure Hunter” she is where you’ll resort to for skincare and beauty advice. New York based skincare devotee has over 520,000 subscribers on Youtube and her elegant way of sharing her tips and favorites is only one of many reasons why her take in beauty and skincare is trustworthy and attractive.Wishtrend and Gothamista go way back. Wishtrend has worked with Gothamista for quite some time now and with 2019 Black Friday on the way, it only made sense to come together for another great rocket deal![caption id="attachment_56988" align="alignleft" width="450"]Wishtrend Black Friday Gothamista Click onto the image for more details[/caption]Only available in limited stock and limited period of time, (until November 24th, 2019 CST) the box is called the "Box of Skincare Wishes" ! This skincare box has been peculiarly curated in collaboration with two of your favorite trusted skincare sources and with Renée's favorite products that will work gentle even on sensitve skin types and acne prone skin. It is curated with 5 skincare products that you can use it in a one whole skincare routine will give you 'hydration, acne care, calming, anti-aging, brightening and sun protection' care. You'll get to enjoy 5 full sized products with 3 additional sample sized FREE GIFTS with 51% discounted price from the original price and if you are lucky, you'll also recieve the Gothamista Pouch to make your traveling much easier. 

2. Sugar and Glow is everything YOU KNOW!

Yes! The pink version of your favorite exfoliator from Klairs (the Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish), the Youthful Glow Sugar Mask is here! This hydrating scrub that will also serve as an exfoliating wash-off mask is finally on Wishtrend. With key ingredients like Grapefruit extract and raspberry see oil, it not only delivers a pleasant color and scent, it will exfoliate your skin without harshly stripping moisture off from the skin. The grapefruit extract and kaolin will soften your skin texture without irritation while shea butter, raspberry oil, and jojoba with rich nutrition will leave your skin moisturized after use. It also contains anti-inflammatory calamine to soothe your skin. This multi-purpose low irritating wash-off mask can also work as a physical exfoliator. 

3. Your favorite brands! You want it? You get it!

Klairs, By Wishtrend and I'm From - your favorite brands on Wishtrend is offered with discounted price from at least 30% OFF to 40% OFF! This pre-sale promotion that will last for just a week right before Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for early birds! From hydrating toner to your favorite vitamin c serum, the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop and Vitamin E Mask, meet them in bundles to care your skin and solve your skin concerns. 

Some recommendation for you...

4. FREE sheet mask, FREE samples!

Price discounts are exciting, but it never gets as exciting as FREE GIFTS and FREE SAMPLES! This year, Wishtrend is not just offering free gifts during Black Friday but also during the Early Bird Pre-Sale period! Everyone shopping for this week will recieve a FREE Emergency Hydration Kit. It includes a full sized sheet mask that doesn't dry out for hours and sample sized sachets of some of your favorite moisturizers on Wishtrend. Just like the name implies, pull out the FREE gift whenever your skin needs emergency hydration care!

5. To sum up!

Now that you know what to enjoy this Black Friday Pre-Sale, you are good to go! Set your timer, and enjoy shoppint with Wishtrend this year! Enjoy shopping, enjoy your skincare journey and enjoy saving money![caption id="attachment_57028" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Wishtrend Black Friday Gothamista 3 Click onto the image to start your shopping![/caption]

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