10 Minutes Guide to Acne Prone Skin Care! Step By Step!

by Lorena Jimenez on Mar 13, 2019

If you are struggling with acne, today’s read will help you through having a better understanding of how to curate your skincare routine to minimize further irritation and keep skin clean and avoid inflammation.Whenever you have to struggle with inflamed acne, it seems like the journey to remove acne and be trouble free is far awayAcne prone skin is probably the toughest skin concern to resolve because the causes are complex and the treatment has multiple layers and stages. You break out here to there from time to time, WHICH does not surprise us anymore. 

But we know there is always a way.


How should you take care of your skin?

This is a question that can be forever unanswered if you do not come across the right knowledge and you put your skin and habits to serious work and fast. A good routine is extremely necessary in these cases, if your goal is to kiss the acne prone term goodbye. But first... 

How do I know if I have acne prone skin?

 10 Minutes Guide to Acne Prone Skin Care! Insert Image 1 You might think, come on Lorena, DUH, if you get acne or other types of blemishes regularly, you have acne prone skin, as easy as that. Well, that is for sure an indicator, but also not the only thing that you should take into account. Many times it is hard to know our specific skin type, pretty understandable since skin conditions and therefore “skin type” keep on changing over time. So here are some tips to help you get clear on if your skin might be on the acne prone side:• Your skin get easily inflamed• Skin easily reacts negatively to products• You can go from perfect skin to full face blemish terror very quickly• You usually suffer from different types of blemishes, in fact, most of the time• External and internal changes or factors affect the state of your skin quite easily• You can not just use any products, at least if you want to keep your skin clean• Your skin tends to get irritated very easily Well if you agree on many of the above indicators it means that you either have a skincare condition that you are not properly managing, or that you very easily have what we tend to call “acne prone skin”, and probably ALSO sensitive skin. Two skin conditions that more often than not are highly correlated. 

Best routine for acne prone skin

Since acne prone skin tends to be highly sensitive and reactive there are some aspects that you definitely need to watch out for:• Try to stay away from potential irritants• Provide enough moisture to your skin• Be aware of textures and the kind of products that work for you• Focus on skin regeneration to avoid scaring• And make sure to keep your cell turnover on point.And for that, here you will be able to find some basic rules that you might want to start following as well as some good product recommendations for this specific skin type :) 

1. Cleanse and Refine

As you can imagine cleansing is a major step when we talk about skincare for acne prone skin types. You need to find a cleanser that is powerful enough, but also not harsh. One that cleanses the skin but does not irritate it or over dries it.In order to also pass on any extra skin conditions, such as fungal acne or excessive breakouts, using a cleanser with low pH would be even better. Basically you want to focus in finding the mister incredible of cleansers, the perfect medium. Deep cleansing, but soft, moisturizing but light and exfoliating but non irritating. 

“Basically you want to focus on finding the mister incredible of cleansers.”

 For that, on this skin care product recommendation I will highly suggest the Acid Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser that will help you not only cleanse the skin but also slightly exfoliate it through the combination of PHA and LHA. Decongesting and deep cleansing the pores but also aiding to restore your skin balance with its pH of 5.5. Which is what makes the acid duo a great choice not only to help you keep your troubles away but also to have a smoother and more radiant overall complexion. 

2. Simple Touches

We all know that toner is like the new moisturizer, but on a routine for acne prone skin the moisturization part is not the only thing to take into account when choosing the item for this step. It is also rather important that our choice of toner is not heavy, nor occlusive and also free of any potential irritants. The more nourishing, but simple in formulation, the better results you can await from it. 
 That is why a toner like the unscented toner would be a great addition to your routine. It will help rejuvenate and restore the hydration levels of the skin, while also avoiding any irritation since it is free of the most common irritants, such as fragrances or essential oils. Toner also helps calm the skin, and re-balance its pH which is, of course, a very important step when talking about acne prone skin types, so make sure this step is never missing from your routine. 

3. Focus on Hydration but also on Fighting Bacteria

Being acne prone, means that you basically are more likely to develop different types of blemishes. And if this condition comes due to topical reasons, it is basically linked to two major causes:• Pore blockage, due to waste accumulation along the pore conduct• Blemish causing bacteria. In order to prevent both you need to build good moisture levels in order to fight inner dryness and balance the oil production. But also use good ingredients that are anti-fungal and antibacterial in order to prevent any bacteria and fungus overgrowth or spreading. 

“Get best of both worlds”

For that choose nourishing ingredients that help re-balance your skin moisture from deep within. Which will take care of balancing the skin’s sebum production levels and fight all that inner and outer dryness. Ingredients like propolis are the best of both worlds since they are great not only at hydrating the skin and adding softness and bounciness, but being also a very well appreciated bacteria killer, so potent that it is even sold to be ingested as a supplement to help the immune system. 
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 Propolis will help restore, calm and treat the skin. So get your topical skin hydration and protection every day by applying a good layer morning and night. And say a big hi to bouncy, soft and acne free skin. 

4. Bring all the Gunk Out

Proper cleansing, a few layers of toner and good ingredients will do wonders, but we all know that if you have acne prone skin there is always an even bigger elephant in the room, THE BLEMISHES. Most of those blemishes come as we have previously explained from the pore getting blocked due to excessive waste. So what can we do to get rid of them? 

YEP, THAT’S RIGHT! Pull it all out ASAP.

Let’s not get overly excited here, because many deep cleansing products can be quite harsh on the skin and as we have also indicated, skin irritation is a major cause of breakouts on acne prone skin. Well fortunately not all deep cleansing treatments have to be overly drying, phewww 
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 Ingredients such as mugwort can bring great benefits for the skin without overly drying it and adding any irritation. In fact if l dare to say so, mugwort will get rid of that gunk while at the same time hydrating it. So if you want to bring all the benefits of skin cleansing without any irritation one of my best product recommendations for this category will be the Mugwort Sheet Mask. Mugwort extract will moisturize and nourish the skin, but also soothe it and calm it. And since the Sheet Mask is a 100% plant-based sheet, the chances of irritation will also be highly reduced. 

5. Moisture Shall Never be Forgotten

We have already stated many times that even if you have acne prone skin, moisturizing your skin shall never be forgotten, since it is the last part of your routine that will help complete the whole process giving your skin the proper nourishment to guarantee optimal skin function and keeping the necessary moisture and oil balance. 

“Aid your skin, by maintaining your barrier!”

 Products with ingredients such as the ones in the soothing cream will not only provide instant moisture and hydration through its fast absorption, but also long term moisture without being too occlusive for acne prone skin types. 
 BUT, especially important is also the fact that since it is infused with yeast-derived beta glucan, using a cream with this ingredient will support the skin’s barrier, so your skin can be in optimal condition to fight any possible outer conditions that might have lead to acne.

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