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Glow Up Project 2023 Year-Round Giveaway

by LeeJoy on Feb 07, 2023

wishtrend TV glow up giveaway

🎁 Prizes 🎁

1. Correcting Post Pigmentation Clearing Box

2. Glow Up Merch Trio

📅 Event Period 📅

Until Nov 30th 2023 

📢 Winner Announcement 📢

1st day of Every Month

*Will be announced via Wishtrend TV l YouTube Shorts l YouTube Community 

📌How To Enter the GIVEAWAY

➀ Click HERE and fill out the Google Form!
➁ Go to the Winner's Shorts link and  hit Like to support ❤️

We're going to be holding MONTHLY GIVEAWAY

for GLOW UP Project from January to December 2023!

We'll be announcing the winner through YouTube Shorts on the first day of every month, 

and it would be great if you could show your support by leaving a LIKE!

Also, We're giving Wishtrenders who found out about this event now 

a chance to enter the Giveaway as well!

You only need to take the event survey once, and we'll be drawing a winner 

on the first day of every month with the accumulated data.

🔗 YouTube Shorts Link

January's Winner

February's Winner

March's Winner

April's Winner

May's Winner

June's Winner

July's Winner

August's Winner

September's Winner

October's Winner

November's Winner

December's Winner

glow up your skin

What is Wishtrend TV's Glow Up Project?

Since our Wishtrenders and Wistrend TV Subscribers have skin concerns, Wishtrend TV makes content to solve and help them. While most of our Wishtrenders are optimistic, we found out through our comment section that some of you have low self-esteem due to your skin concerns.

(Btw, it's Not a Flaw!)

So we thought about how we could help those of you who are struggling because of your skin, and decided to start this project. The project includes things you can do to take care of yourself for a healthier lifestyle, such as face yoga, a habit tracker, and yoga. 

We are also holding Giveaway Challenges on Instagram and YouTube, @wishtrendtv, so you can Glow Up with us.

The challenges aren't too difficult to accomplish, and we want tosay that you've completed the challenge even if you did just one little thing.

Go Watch the Glow Up Project Content on YouTube ❤️