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by Gina Myung on Jan 04, 2021

Welcome to the 8th edition of #wishtrender! With the new year upon us (happy 2021!), we’re eager to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome all that 2021 has to offer. But, we’re also happy to know that we can take on the new year with our great Wishtrender community. In celebration of the amazing community we have, we’re introducing long-time Wishtrender and self-made K-Beauty extraordinaire, James Welsh.   

"Use your skincare routine as a time of calm, self love and reflection"

 #wishtrender-James-Welsh Read on to learn more about James and his journey with both skincare and Wishtrend!  
  1. Hi! Please introduce yourself.

Hellooooo, my name is James Welsh and I’m a YouTuber from England.  
  1. What first sparked your interest in beauty, makeup and skincare?

I had troublesome skin as a teenager and the prescription skincare I was on was not working for me. So, I did my own research and figured out what ingredients work for me. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with skincare!  
  1. What’s your main philosophy when it comes to beauty ?

Never strive for perfection, because it doesn't exist. Instead use skincare and the time you spend on your routine to really connect with yourself, unwind and remind yourself that you are worth the time and care you give yourself.  
  1. How did you first discover Korean skincare? 

I actually discovered Korean skincare through K-pop. I tried a few idol endorsed products and the more I discovered new brands and exciting new ingredients, the more and more obsessed I became! And, that obsession hasn't stopped!  
  1. What’s a word of advice you would give to yourself when you first started your beauty journey?

To take things slow and appreciate that my skin won't change overnight. But, to also enjoy the process and find comfort in the fact that many people experience the same skin issues I did back then!  James Welsh_Vanity 
  1. How and when did you first hear about Wishtrend?

Through YouTube! Wishtrend TV was actually one of the first skincare related channels I subscribed to and I’d always tune in to discover new skincare products and brands I hadn't heard of before.  
  1. What would you say is the most rewarding part of working with us as an affiliate? 

I always get so excited about the Rocket Deals! Being able to share the products I love with a huge discount makes me so happy haha. The most rewarding part of the process for me is being able to work with a brand I know and love, and having great communication with a company based in Korea also feels like a huge accomplishment for me as it's always been a dream of mine to work with a Korean beauty brand! And, Wishtrend was the first!  
  1. Please let our readers in on your top 5 holy grail products!

The I’m From Rice Toner is one of my all time favourites purely for the moisture and radiance it gives my skin. The same reasons apply for the I’m From Rice Cream! COSRX’s Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner is always in my routine, as well as their BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (the first BHA I’ve ever used!). I’m also currently loving EVENPRIME’s Barrier Serum, to keep my skin barrier healthy and in-tact!  
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  1. What’s a ride-or-die beauty tip you’d like to share with our readers? 

HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION! Using a lightweight toner between every step of my routine leaves my skin looking gowy and plump and never greasy!  
  1. What inspired you to start being more active on social media in the beauty community? 

I was a presenter for a style YouTube channel, and at the time I’d always get asked about my skin. Back then there wasn't anyone on YouTube specifically talking only about skincare, so I thought I'd start my own channel to answer all the skincare questions I was being asked!  
  1. In your words, what does “positive beauty” mean to you? 

To me, it means just using beauty routines as a form of self care, not to reach any beauty standards that we’ve been told are the “norm” or the “acceptable” versions of beauty. Positive beauty is creating your own standard of beauty and redefining what beauty means!  
  1. What does it mean to be a #Wishtrender to you?

It’s a great feeling to be recognised by your peers, as well as a company that I’ve respected and loved since my early YouTube days! I feel like Wishtrend is a company that is always working to create and share new, innovative skincare  -- something I'm always on the hunt for. I feel so connected to Wishtrend!  
  1. Any last words you’d like to leave your fellow Wishtrenders? 

Use your skincare routine as a time of calm, self love and reflection. Be patient with yourself and your products and learn to love your ‘imperfections’ because perfection doesn't exist!

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