Wishtrend Black Friday is Back, And It is Only March

by Wendy Kim on Mar 12, 2020

Just a few months ago, Wishtrend celebrated Wishtrend Black Friday just like every year. We’ve had some exciting deals and offers including Rocket Deals with some of your favorite Youtubers and Influencers, from Gothamista , Sharla, and James Welsh! We also had some fun new arrivals launched to celebrate the most exciting shopping time of the year. We not only introduced the Rose Quartz Jade Roller but also the most modern skincare technology, the LED Therapy Mask

Why did Wishtrend bring back Black Friday in March?

However, something that we did not plan and expected had happened - with the overwhelming entrance of our customers, was faced with some technical difficulties. Despite the team at Wishtrend working hard to fix the matter - unfortunately, many of our customers have had grave inconvenient shopping experience. However, we were deeply moved and overwhelmed with the patience you have bared with us, your honest and insightful feedbacks and most importantly, sending us loving and supporting messagges. We had to return the love and support that we have received - and the only proper way to do this was to bring another BLACK FRIDAY before the actual Black Friday in 2020! Wishtrend is back with Black Friday in March, with the hope to give back the love and support and to celebrate spring and shopping with our Wishtrenders!So Here’s What to Keep an Eye On This Black Friday

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[caption id="attachment_156140" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Black Friday in March Insert Image 1 Black Friday in March will last from March 16 to March 22[/caption]

1) The New Arrival, makes everything better

By Wishtrend, as the brand that highly focuses on “Ingredients, Formulations, and Results”, it strives to offer products with ingredients that will benefit, treat or aid the skin for the better. The Sulfur 3% Clean Gel that was most recently introduced from By Wishrend is already receiving great reviews as a great cure for acne. This next new arrival will excite you as much as the Sulfur Gel! 

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[caption id="attachment_155855" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Black Friday in March Insert Image 2 [By Wishtrend] Quad Active Boosting Essence[/caption] The Quad Active Boosting Essence is a very new type of product from By Wishtrend. Think of ‘essence’ as something between facial toner and a serum. The ingredients formulated for this essence is quite remarkable. This new essence is formulated with 46% of active ingredients that will benefit the skin in different ways -preventing inflammatory and acne and calming stressed skin. It comes in very watery texture leaving a fresh finish on the skin but will still deliver skin problem solving active ingredients. 

2) LED Therapy Mask is back in stock! 

One of the most beloved item back in Black Friday last year was the launch of this smart baby! The LED Therapy Mask got everyone excited as the very first smart device launched on Wishtrend for our skin! When it was out of stock, it got a lot of us leaving bummed out. But it is back in stock right on time for the reboot of Black Friday! LED skincare is no longer too much of a stranger to many of us and is grabbing more and more attention as a smart device to help enhance our skin. According to different colors, (different wavelengths) you can exepct different effects from improving elasticity to skin brightening. Whether it's for you or for your best friend or your mother, it would be a great upgrade to your vanity! 

Buy 1 Get 1 on Wishtrend (only avaiable Mar 20 - Mar 22)

[caption id="attachment_155856" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Black Friday in March Insert Image 3 [Eclari] LED Therapy Mask[/caption] 

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All you need to learn about how LED Therapy Mask works3 Ways to maximize the effect of LED skincare!

3) The return of the Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

The Rose Quartz Jade Roller that we launched right on time for Black Friday 2019, was all thanks to a collaborative work with our customers and subscribers on Wishtrend TV. From the choice of the stones to the details of the product, we designed and created the face roller that will not only enhance your skincare routine but also help with face massaging and de-puffing around the eyes. As a special addition on Wishtrend, we only offered a limited amount HOWEVER, the rollers are back for BLACK FRIDAY REBOOT! It will again come as a limited edition, so make sure to get hands on them if you are looking for an easy face massage tool or if you have been struggling with puffy eyes and dark circles! 

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[caption id="attachment_155857" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Black Friday in March Insert Image 5 [Wishtrend] Rose Quartz Beauty Roller[/caption] Read thisHow is Wishtrend's Rose Quartz Roller different from others?

4) And more...


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