Well-Aging is More Than Skin Deep

by Claudia Christin on Jan 26, 2023

well-aging is more than skin deep

Aging is an inevitable process we go through every second of our life. However, aging does not have to be something you fear. Instead, with the right lifestyle and skincare we can age gracefully and beautifully. Who doesn’t want to age like a fine wine, right? To achieve this, we can take care of our skin through a process I like to call well-aging

When we heard about the word, aging and how to prevent it, the word SKINCARE might be on the top of your mind. When you go to the drugstore or beauty store, you can find an aisle specifically designed for it. Inevitably, skincare has a huge role but they are not the only one. There is more we can do besides counting on those skincare products. It is with nourishing our skin deeply from our body, through a maintained healthy lifestyle that is not only good for our skin, but also for our overall health.

Here are some of our top major tips on how to keep your skin looking young and plump for as long as we possibly can.

maintain healthy diet

1. Maintain Healthy Diet

Diet plays a huge role in this. Have you heard of the word: We are what we eat. We can’t agree more because in the long run, it does reflect on how our skin is aging.  

  • Have a nutritious diet, many foods are rich in antioxidants which helps to fight free radicals that may accelerate aging. 
  • Limit sugar. Sugar leads to an increase in glycation of protein that also causes structural damage and may also accelerate aging.
  • Limit highly processed food. Have more fresh and unprocessed food. They retain the most of their nutrients and best for your health
  • Limit alcohol intake. It’s okay to enjoy them once in a while but in the long run it may cause damage to your liver that functions to remove toxins from our body. 

safe sun habit

2. Safe Sun Habit: Use & Reapply Sunscreen Religiously

Well, you told me that it has nothing to do with skincare, but why are we talking about sunscreen here? Well, for us, sunscreen is an absolute first step for well-aging care.  Creating a habit of wearing sunscreen at an early age can save you from a lot of skin problems in the future and also keep your skin plump and bouncy.

Product recommendation: 

Other than this, you should also practice safe sun habit, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight during its peak UV index. Wearing a sunglasses, protective clothing with UPF or big brimmed hat can also help protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

get enough sleep

3. Get Enough Sleep, Reduce Your Stress

This is quite obvious, go get your good night sleep for at least 8 hours each day.

4. Move Your Body!

Exercising, working out, or maybe just walking outside for 15mins regualrly is better than just sitting in your work chair or TV sofa. Moiving your body can do wonders to your body and skin.

Can you believe that it helps to slow down the aging process? Besides promoting a healthy weight, it helps maintain normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels –barometers for aging. Exercise also helps increase the density and strength of our bones even as we get older when the risk of falls and fractures increases 

5. Check up Regularly

It is better to prevent than to cure. If there’s something wrong in your body that can be detected earlier, it can be prevented from causing havoc to your health.


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