List of 7 Foods on How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast

by Wendy Kim on Mar 05, 2018

Short hair cuts are very much trending right now and it's been long since we said goodbye to the stereotype 'long hair is the icon of sexy'. But I guess there is a rule that never changes; when with long hair, we are tempted to get a hair cut while when with short hair, we are dying to grow our hair long again to rock that high pony tail. But at the end what everyone wants regardless of the length of the hair is to have healthy growing hair. So the question is, how can we grow our hair in the healthiest condition and is there way on how to make hair grow faster?

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: Especially when it comes to hair growth, there are couple of commonly believed myths and don't tell me that you never searched "how to grow hair fast and healthy" on google and actually tried those unverified tips floating around the internet. If you want to learn the truths about some of the most commonly believed myths about hair, check out the video above and get some of those myths busted!how to make hair grow faster insert image 1

7 List of Food on How To Make Hair Grow Faster!

Since the video talks about 5 major myths and tricks on how to make hair grow faster and healthier, we also wanted to list down some of the major ingredients and food that will help your hair and scalp. Here are 7 list of food that you would want to start adding in your diet to get healthy and fast growing hair.


List of 7 Foods on How to Make Hair Grow Fast Article Insert 1Yes! Salmon! One of many's favorite fish salmon is loaded with ingredients that are strong hair supporters, for instance, Vitamin D and Protein. But of course, it's mostly known for containing rich Omega-3 fatty acids that promotes hair growth through keeping your scalp healthy. When your scalp is healthy, it will only help your hair growth.

Yellow Bell Peppers

List of 7 Foods on How to Make Hair Grow Fast Article Insert 2If you thought that Oranges has the most Vitamin C, you got it wrong. Did you know that Yellow bell peppers contain five and a half times more Vitamin C than Oranges? Vitamin C is mostly known for it's antioxidant effect and this not only helps to delay aging of the skin but it also strengthens the hair follicles and also prevent breakage of hair.


List of 7 Foods on How to Make Hair Grow Fast Article Insert 3One of the main causes of hair loss and poor scalp condition is the deficiency of Zinc. But good news for those who don't have trouble eating oysters! It is abundant in zinc. But when it comes to oysters, don't forget to consume the good quality ones especially if you decide to take it raw. As long as you intake fresh oysters and don't take it excessively, you'll be alright.

Sunflower Seeds

List of 7 Foods on How to Make Hair Grow Fast Article Insert 4Vitamin E is also another ingredient that you would like to keep in mind for healthier and faster hair growth. Just a few little sunflower seeds will supply you with an abundance of Vitamin E. Vitamin E will enhance the blood circulation to the scalp which is always a plus to make hair grow faster and in a more healthier condition.


List of 7 Foods on How to Make Hair Grow Fast Article Insert 5Avocado is known to have high concentration of fatty acids that is naturally found in skin cells. Especially when it comes to our skin and our hair, avocado is a holy grail. When you intake it as a food, of course it will deliver that nutrients but when you topically apply it to hair and scalp, it will stimulate collage and elastin production! And when it comes to hair, collagen and elastin are two ingredients that you would never want to forget.


List of 7 Foods on How to Make Hair Grow Fast Article Insert 6Almonds along with many different types of nuts, is known to have high biotin content. And you all know what biotin does, thicker and healthier hair growth. One cup of almond contains nearly one-third of your daily requirement. If you constantly add almonds in your diet, you will definitely experience a change in your hair condition.

Sweet Potatoes

List of 7 Foods on How to Make Hair Grow Fast Article Insert 7It's hard to find someone who hates sweet potatoes. They are one of the all time favorite food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Sweet potatoes are actually rich in 'beta carotene' which is a great ingredient for promoting healthy scalp and hair growth.

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