Try This Every Day and You'll Get Youthful Looking Skin!

by Wendy Kim on Sep 16, 2019

Unlike the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, as times passes we age. And unlike the movie “Avengers: the Endgame” we have yet found a time machine that will take us back to time.Aging is part of the circle of life that we cannot defy or defeat. Thanks to the nature of gravity, skin starts to sag and wrinkles form on different parts of our body and with slower cell regeneration process, our skin finds it harder to heal wounds or recover from skin troubles than before.This doesn’t just happen to you but for everyone and this shall not be something to be afraid of or be frightened of, but with the slight change of perspectives and thought, can be a very natural phenomenon that is rather almost beautiful.Embracing aging rather than denying it or forcefully delaying it will help you to not only keep skin healthier & more prone to wrinkles for even a longer of time but also lead a more positive life. (also help you save money!)

Ingredients to Remember for Youthful Looking Skin

So with this in mind, here are some tips that you can easily try at home for youthful glowing skin. And I’ve categorized it into 3 major skin concerns that many of us have when it comes to skin aging. So take a look at which concerns you the most and have an idea of how to take care of skin accordingly!

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1) Adenosine : for Wrinkles

Adenosine is known to be the ingredient that is effective on wrinkles. Especially when applied around the eyes and between eyebrows, where wrinkles easily form. If topically applied in skincare routines, it not only helps to create healthy, elastic skin but also helps to ease skin damage caused by UV rays.

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2) Peptide : for Wrinkles

Peptide has especially attracted many skincare gurus with its significance in anti-aging. To put things in easy words, peptide is a type of protein. And proteins are very fundamental in building blocks of the skin. When skin is peptide-less, it loses firmness, wrinkles form and texture changes. Many research shows that peptide helps revitalize skin cells and revive skin aging and especially when cocktailed with other antioxidants and skin soothing ingredients, it works even more effectively.

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[Klairs] Midnight Blue Activating Youth Drop

3) Niacinamide : for Dullness (brightening)

Niacinamide is favorite to many and is mostly known for its brightening ability. Niacinamide is also called as Vitamin B3 and is a water soluble vitamin that works effectively with the natural substance in your skin. Along with the brightening effect, Niacinamide helps visibly improve pores, uneven skin tones and fine lines. Plus, it helps the skin to repair damages and lock moisture into the skin to resist moisture lost. With the combination of these skincare effects, it ultimately helps the skin appear brighter and healthier.

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[I'm From] Ginseng Eye Cream[I'm Fromm] Rice Toner[Kliars] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

4) Rice : for Dullness (brightening)

Rice is mostly known as the greatest skin care secret in Asia but now it has become a internationally beloved skin care as a great anti-aging ingredient. It is rich in minerals, antioxidants, Vitamin B & E. The minerals and antioxidants help to purify and smooth the skin, working to minimize fine lines and decrease the appearance of pores. Rice is also great to soothe sunburns as well and we all know how this is important to keep skin healthy and on check.

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[I'm From] Rice Toner

5) Vitamin E : for Elasticity

Vitamin E is easily found in creams including products like anti-aging creams, eye creams, sunscreens and etc. Being the ingredient that absorbs easily into the skin, topically applying Vitamin E constantly will help you witness skin improvements. It is very effective in hydrating the skin and repairing skin damages from external pollutants, irritants or even UV rays. Another major role Vitamin E serves for the skin is that it boosts the effect of Vitamin C on the skin by helping it be absorbed into the skin.

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[By Wishtrend] Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream

6) Ceramide : for Elasticity

Ceramides are usually found in the upper layer of our skin but why do we still need it in addition? Aging and external pollutants & damage reduces the skin’s natural ceramides and even can deplete them. This ultimately will weaken the skin’s barrier resulting in dry, rough and irritated skin. Topical application of ceramides product will help strengthen skin’s barrier and improve hydration level on the skin.

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[Klairs] Fundamental Watery Oil Drop

Youthful Aging Skin Care Box with All 6 Ingredients

Wish, Try, Love is back with the Youthful Aging Skin Care Box curated with products that are specifically targeted for those who started to have skin concerns such as wrinkles, dull skin and losing elasticity. It is consisted of 5 different products packed with 6 major anti-aging ingredients mentioned above.Youthful-Looking-Skin-Insert-Image2

How to Use them in a routine?

- For both morning & night routine -1. Apply the Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating drop to fully let the peptides absorb into the skin.2. Then pour a few drops of the I’m From Rice Toner to prep the skin.3. For the serum stage, by using the spoid apply a few drops of the Klairs Fundamental Oil Drop to lock in the moisture within the skin.4. Once the serum is fully absorbed, gently apply the I’m From Ginseng Eye Cream around the eyes.5. Lastly, apply the By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream to give your skin full moisture.

3 Weeks Review of the Youthful Aging Skin Care Box

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