Top 5 Beauty Secrets to Prep You for the Perfect Date Night

by Wendy Kim on Feb 08, 2019

Happy Valentiens loves! (well, not officially Valentines yet, still have another week more to go) Are you guys excited for it? No matter if you are taken, single or living the best of your life, we have to admit that it is the day of amour and a day of some good chocolate! If your lovers or your friends are getting ready for the best chocolates ever, we are here to get your skin ready for your date night or a night out with your girls and boys!

Beauty Secret 1. Keep skin cleansed, deeply

Healthy and beautiful skin always starts with a good CLEANSING routine. Think of it as, having a clean and smooth canvas to draw a masterpiece. Whether it is a matte and full coverage makeup you wish to put on or just a simple and natural glowing skin you are going for on your Valentine's Day, you need a clear skin. Rather than always changing up your cleansing routine, find sets of cleansing routine according to your skin conditions or occasions. A nice cleansing oil, a nice exfoliator and a nice oil controlling bar soap is a must on your cleansing section in the bathroom.

3 Step Gentle Deep Cleansing Set

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• Customer Review:

"SO SOFT AND SMOOTH"I was a little skeptical before buying this. My cheeks are very sensitive and dry, especially in the winter. But it said it was for sensitive skin as well, so I decided to give it a go. And I've now been using it for over 6 months!! I mix the oil and sugar together before applying it on, the sugar does not feel rough on the skin at all. Then I wash my face again with the bar to make sure I've gotten everything off. Afterwards, my face is silky smooth. I use it 1-2 times a week, and with no other exfoliation that evening. A little goes a long way. I will definitely repurchase this set when I'm empty!

Beauty Secret 2. Exfoliate for glowy skin (& better makeup)

I would never recommend over exfoliating but I would always recommend exfoliation at times when you need it. It not only removes unecessary dead skin cells off from the skin but it can also prevent you from breaking out as well. And exfoliating doesn't have to be hard nor be hurting on the skin. If there is a way you can exfoliate as you cleanse or as the very first toner step, that's how you should start or go for. Some gentle exfoliating ingredients to remember will be AHA, PHA and LHA.

2 Step Gentle Exfoliator

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• Customer Review:

"GENTLE CAN STILL BE EFFECTIVE" I have been looking for a exfolaitor that can work on my sensitive dry skin. BUt anyone with skin like me will know that this is very hard. However, once I had the chance to get hands on By Wishtrend's exfolaitors it changed my whole thought on chemical exfoliators. I already was in love with how the mandelic acid has been exfoliating my skin gently but now that I have the acid-duo 2% cleanser, I now have even a more gentle way to exfoliate my skin especially when my skin feels extra dry and irritated. It really does its job :)

Beauty Secret 3. Get help from Rice for brighter complexion

What's your favorite ingredient of all time? If dull and dry skin is your biggest skin concern, RICE will be defiinitely worth taking note of. Yes, that's right, rice is not only a hight energy source for our body but delivers great skin benefits. It is mineral rich and the amino acid and vitamins it carries is great for skin brightening. It doesn't end here but with its great antioxidant it can also work great to heal acne, scars or pigmentation. So if you are getting ready for a date with your lover but your skin's looking tired and dull the night before, add a rice routine into your skincare routine. Plus, you can use it whenever you wish to, morning to night!

2 Step Rice Set

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• Customer Review:

"FINALLY FOUND THE KEY TO BRIGHTENING"I've always had problems with dull and patchy looking skin however, finiding the right ingredient that actually works was the challenge that I always had. However, through research, I've realized that RICE has such property and came across these two products and let me tell you it has become my favorite! It's not only hydrating but it really boosts that glow and brighter complexion! It just feels so soothing and moisutrizing on the skin. Highly recommend it!

Beauty Secret 4. Right Serum makes a great skin

Do you have serum in your skincare routine? (you might call it an essence or an ampoule) Keeping skin at its best condition with just few steps is the most ideal but whenever you have skin problems or troubles that bothers you from time to time, being able to pull out your secret weapon from your vanity will come across really handy. And often, adding a serum that really targets your skin concern can be the easiest yet most effective way to do it. So? If acne spots are your stress point, keep a vitamin c serum in your vanity! And if casual troubles here and there is stressing you out, keep a propolis ampoule in your vanity! Trust me, you'll thank me for this beauty hack!

2 Step Skin Enhancer

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• Customer Review:

"W-O-W"This ampule REALLY does work! I have some active acne on my cheeks with the pus visible, I know that I cannot pop it and it’s hurting a bit, so I decided to give this a try as I just got my order yesterday. This morning I woke up with less inflammation and the acne size reduced and some kinda dried up! This is a miracle product I will continue to use! Thank you for this amazing product Wishtrend!

Beauty Secret 5. Make natural beauty stand out even more!

Full coverage makeup look is always fun and flawless but at times it can be a bit tiring for not only us but for the skin as well. So as we continue to explore the art of makeup, I suggest to continue your skincare journey to keep your skin healthy and still clear even without foundation. And all of this starts with a good skincare, a good sun protection and keeping base makeup as light as you can on casual days. So why not keep skin safe with a nice sunscreen and keep skin breathing until Valentines so that you'll have the ultimate skin condition and still look beautiful whenever you have to take off your makeup?

3 Step Glossy Skin

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• Customer Review:

"PERFECTION"This sunscreen is literally the best sunscreen I've ever used. It's so moisturizing which leaves a subtle glow to the skin! It also is really perfect for brown skin, without leaving any white cast whatsoever! I love this product so much and will definitely re-purchase again!

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