The Propolis Ampoule Benefits You've Been Missing Out!

by Lorena Jimenez on Jun 10, 2019

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1. Texture and Qualities:

The [By Wishtrend] Propolis Energy Calming Ampoule is s very well known serum for bringing big amounts of hydration to the skin, but that is not the only good quality of this powerful serum. Besides adding great hydration to the skin, it is also a great source of antioxidants that help keep the skin youthful and healthy.

Propolis, the main ingredient, comes from two sources Catechin, and Quercetin and it is obtained of the French region of Auvergne. Propolis itself is a powerful antioxidant that helps to nourish and soothe the skin, helping also diminish the look of blemishes and other skin concerns triggered by skin dehydration and irritation.

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The texture of this ampoule when first dropped whether on your palms or directly to the skin, will come across as rich, however when blended into the skin, tha ampoule gracefully absorbs into the skin without any trace, giving the deep hydrating feeling onto the skin leaving behind a refreshed and pumped skin. So apply it without any fear and powerful pat pat pat during your beauty time.

2. Ingredients

When an ampoule is hydrating and moisturizing, it is always a good news. But when it has additional skin benefits like skin soothing and skin healing, it becomes a holy grail. And the By Wishtrend propolis ampoule is exactly THAT ampoule that is beloved by many for THAT reason.

Propolis Extract: A great hydrant, antioxidant, naturally antibacterial and skin soothing ingredient.

Houttuynia Cordata: Powerful skin detoxing agent, with also great antibacterial properties and a wonderful addition to treating acne as well as more serious skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis.

Sodium Hyaluronate: A wonderful humectant to keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Zinc: a well-known ingredient to take orally and apply topically to help keep skin and hair healthy and also fight acne. 

All these ingredients help hydrate the skin and soothe it while adding antibacterial properties. With a formulation created to suit different skin types (and even sensitive skin), the Propolis Ampoule will help enhance your skin’s own defense and protection and keep it moisturized for long with other ingredients also included in the formula like Panthenol, and Betaine.Propolis itself also helps reduce skin pigmentation with also the aid of two other great ingredients also worth mentioning: with hazel extract and turmeric extract.

3. How to use

Like many other ampoules, this shall be used on the step of essences or ampoules. It can either be used right after cleansing or after toning your skin with a toner. Doesn’t matter whether you use it morning or night it will add the same benefit onto your skin no matter when you apply them. Just make sure you absorb it well into the skin for full benefits.

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This serum does not have any sun sensitive ingredients so it can be used any time of the day and as recommended above, best used twice a day, morning and night to give the skin its best results.If you want your skin to fully absorb this product to enhance the benefits of this serum to the max you could also apply it right after cleansing, before toner and then proceed with your regular routine.

If you have been dealing with very dehydrated skin, you might want to go for a second layer to target the source of dehydration with the firm hand of this ampoule.When applying this product do not forget about spreading it evenly or massaging the skin well until full absorption, but also keep in mind the pat, pat, pa since it will not only help absorption but also reduce any possible signs of stickiness.

4. Smart using tips

Besides the usual function of hydrating serum, this product goes even further. And below are some of the tips you can even further maximize the effects of this ampoule:


1) DIY Face Mist

You might have already heard that mists that are mostly just water based tend to leave the skin even more dehydrated. But if you want to add more than just hydration onto the skin, get yourself a spray bottle ready. You can both spritz it when you don’t have any makeup on but also feel free to add a few sprtiz even over your makeup.Take a small clean spray bottle, and add a little bit of your favorite hydrating toner, about 5 to 10 ml should be more than enough. Add a full dropper of the propolis ampoule. Close and shake, shake, shake and voilà your own deeply hydrating and self-made mist.When spritzed on bare face, it will add hydration and antioxidant care whenever you need it. And when applied over makeup, you can add an overall glow to your face for a more glowy and hydrated look.But of course like any other skincare products when applied over the makeup - make sure the base makeup doesn’t move around or be removed.


2) Apply with some tools

If you want to enhance the results of the Propolis Ampoule do not look down on the tools, they can be wonderful allies to help you conquer all your skincare goals.Whether it is a jade roller or any type of face massager tool, roll it over your skin gently after applying the ampoule. It will not only enhance the sensation of the application and give you an additional pampering feel but will also help enhance the absorption of products in to the skin.

BUT, remember to massage lightly and to glide the chosen tool, never drag it. Face rollers and icing massagers bring the best results paired with this ampoule but you can also apply it with a shawasa for extra brightness and enhancing blood circulation and plumpness. Together with an adequate and safe derma roller to help reduce scarring more quickly or with a vibratory face massager to help penetrate deeply in any areas that might be more prone to wrinkles.

3) Glass skin to the max

Last year glass skin was all the rage but now yoga skin has been in for a while, for your own yoga skin makeup mix your bb cream, liquid illuminator and Propolis Ampoule in ratios, 2/4, ¼ and ¼ respectively and apply it with the help of a wet sponge. Skip the powder in all the higher points of the face to keep the natural shine and be ready to glow all day.


4) Go for the wet & dewy look

Now there are different ways to complete a dewy wet look after makeup. However, rather than drenching the skin with highlighters or makeup spray, adding the glow from within or as you apply the makeup at the first place - it will keep the glow last longer and more, let’s say, genuine.

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Like mentioned above, when applied on a daily basis, you’ll see the gradual transformation on the skin and see your skin glow more and more. But when this procedure will take time, effort and patience, there’s also a way to add actual glow onto areas where you wish to when you apply makeup. Add a very few drops of this ampoule on the makeup puff or a blender when you apply your base makeup.

Whether it is a BB cream or a foundation or even a concealer, adding a very few drops of this propolis serum will instantly add a beaming glow onto the skin.

4. Real Reviews

"NOT SUPER FAN AT THE BEGINNING, I FINALLY CHANGED MY MIND ;D" Definitely a must have for acne skin I'm alternatively using this product which is really moisturizing after using peroxide benzoate for a couple of days... first your dehydrated skin is rehydrated correctly, and helps prevent breakouts. The other week I used it in my whole face as it became drier. As I have combined skin, I'm only applying the airy UV SPF as my skin's already moisturized with this serum. - Mariam B******

"HOLY GRAIL!" I am in LOVE with this product, I have been using it for over a month now, and it has really changed my life and skincare. It really does what it says! It is so moisturizing throughout the whole day, it really helps with acne prone skin, and I can say that after a week of using this every morning and night, my skin started to feel calm all the time and my acne started to heal faster and my hormonal acne finally stopped! I also used this yesterday on a huge ant bite, and it went away! I really wish I could purchase a life time supply of this. - Maria O********

"MY SKIN FEELS AND LOOKS AMAZING!" You've done it again Wishtrend! I've been using this product for 3-days, and I already see a difference! My skin looks and feels plump, brighter and smoother. Also, it has helped keep my hormonal acne on a check with its anti-inflammatory properties. I will continue using this product and repurchase. - Angelica M*******


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