The After Sunburn Care We All Need This Summer

by bb on Jun 20, 2018

Whether you have a sunburn or have just been in the sun a little longer than you have anticipated, these after sunburn care tips and advice will be the answer you need for making sure your skin stays glowing and healthy this summer season! The sun not only is what gives you that golden glow you have been craving all winter long, but it also kills the vitamins, and collagen within the skin, but also the skin cells themselves. Leaving you with golden skin that looks dry, wrinkles and dull as can be. So if you forgot to apply or reapply your sunscreen, then these tips are here to help!

The Dangers of the Sun

Before I get into the tips and advice, as per usual, I want to stress the importance of using SPF daily on your face all year round, but also on your body in the summer. The sun causes 90%+ of skin aging, meaning the more unprotected sun exposure you have, the faster you will look older. So say goodbye to aging gracefully if you plan to skip out on the SPF. If you want to age gracefully, then you best believe your number one anti-aging cream will be a good SPF! Due to the sun's harmful effects on the skin, the advanced signs of aging caused by unprotected sun exposure are caused by the sun's harmful radiation killing off the natural vitamins, minerals, oils and collagen within the skin. As the sun kills of these skin essentials, you quickly lose density and the suppleness you once had. As these essentials break down, your skin cells begin to die off. These effects happen constantly with unprotected sun exposure, but the longer you’re in the sun unprotected, the worse the effects become. The results can be visibly seem in the form of sunburns, which occur when the skin has experienced so much radiation from the UV rays, that the skin's natural protective barrier or vitamins, minerals, oils and collagen have been completely killed off, resulting in burns. So please, make sure you wear spf daily, especially in the summer when the sun is the most dangerous.

After Sunburn Care

1. For the Mild Burns

Have you ever gone in the sun just a little longer than you would have liked, then a few minutes after being inside, you notice you’re looking a little “pink”? We have all been there! This level of burn is the beginning stages of overexposure to the sun, where the damage have just begun, but fortunately, it was caught in time. For this type of mild burn, the after sunburn care is the simplest. All you need to do is cool down the skin and rehydrate it to stop the burn in its tracks! Do the following to relieve the burn:

1) Have a cold shower or bath

: If it is just your face that was affected, wet a washcloths and chill it in the freezer for 5 minutes, apply the wash cloth to the face to pull the heat from the skin. Repeat until the skin no longer becomes hot after removal of the washcloth.

2) Cleanse you face with cool water, then add a serum or lotion that will calm, cool and rehydrate the skin

: This will restore the moisture lose from the sun while helping to keep the heat out of the skin.

3) Use a cream that will calm, cool and add moisture back into the skin.

: It’s important you only use creams that have calming and cooling affects as these creams will not “seal” in the radiating heat from the sun and will also help repair the skin after being overexposed.The After Sunburn Care We All Need This Summer Insert 1We recommend: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Serum & [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream

2. For the Bad Burns

Bad burns happen more often than we would like. Either you didn’t intend to be outside all day but somehow it happened, or you completely forgot to apply sunscreen, these things happen. In the case that it has happened to you, if important you immediately treat the burn properly and fast! These bad burns usually are very pink to red, make the skin feel very hot to the touch, feel itchy and even hurt. Here are the steps to take for after sunburn care for bad burns:

1) Have an ice bath

: I know, it sucks but it needs to be done. Your skin has been completely burts to the point of a second degree burn from the sun's radiation. You need to pull all the heat out of the skin ASAP or the heat in the skin will continue to burn you even though you’re out of the sun. once the skin has had the heat removed and no longer reheats to drastic levels, move onto step 2.

2) Apply intensive skin cooling and calming treatments

: Apply a thick layer of aloe over your body, then use treatment products that help to continuously remove the heat and irritation from the skin. Use cooling, repairing and calming sheet or face masks to deliver intensive treatment to the face and keep applying aloe to your body along with cold compressed.

3) Apply only anti-irritant, calming, cooling, repairing cream

: Once you’re certain your skin is nowhere near as hot as it was and you have lathered yourself and face in cooling treatments, apply a cream over the skin that will reduce irritation, repair the damage and keep the skin cool. If the skin become painful and itchy, especially on the body, then you will need anti-itch and numbing cream for sun burns.The After Sunburn Care We All Need This Summer Insert 2We recommend: [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Sheet MaskThe After Sunburn Care We All Need This Summer Insert 3We recommend: [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Cream

3. For the Skincare Newbie

If you’re new to the world of skincare, especially anti-aging skincare, then your best bet, not only for skincare but also for after sunburn care, is to ensure you have a proper skincare routine already made. Not only is it important that you treat your skin properly after being over exposed to the sun, but it is also important you treat it with care on a daily basis. So if you’re new to this world of skincare, then we have the right routine for you! When it comes to after sunburn care and building a skincare routine, it is always essential that you’re using products that will calm, repair, soothe and cool down the skin. These factors are the key components to successful anti-aging, de-sensitizing and calming skin that has been exposed to the sun’s radiation.Your skincare routine for daily use and for after sunburn care should include:- Calming & Hydrating Toner: Restore balance to damaged skin- Skin Cooling & Hydrating Serum: Pull the “heat” from the sun out of the skin- Vitamin Enriched Serum: Restore killed off vitamins and stimulate collagen production- Calming & Soothing Cream: Add moisture that has been lost to the sun’s rays- Repairing & Calming Treatment: Stimulate the skin's healing process to repair damaged skin from the sunThe After Sunburn Care We All Need This Summer Insert 4We recommend: [KLAIRS] Angry Skin Calming Package

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