Ready for Zoom? This is How to Get Skin-Ready and Look Good on Zoom!

by Hailei Kim on Oct 21, 2020

look good on zoom insert image 1 COVID-19 has significantly changed our lives in so many ways. A lot of people are working from home and students are no longer on campus but on their laptops. With this new social shift to a virtual platform, Zoom calls have become a new social norm on how we communicate during the pandemic. With daily meetings on Zoom, everyone is slowly but definitely bringing their a-game online. Unless you are willing to doll up at 7 in the morning, you have to start looking for ways to look fabulous while going make-up free. Getting ready for a Zoom call should not be that much of a hassle. With these simple and easy-to-follow tips, you can too achieve “I woke up like this” look!  

D-1, the Night Before Your Zoom Call!

 If you want truly glowing skin, you should start the night before. Gear up with an exfoliator and wash-off facial masks to get ready for your Zoom calls.  
  • 1) Exfoliate the night before

The surface of your skin looks rough and dry without proper exfoliation and this will definitely show on camera. However, exfoliating is not just important for Zoom calls but a must if you want to improve your skin overall. Exfoliating not only makes your skin look smooth but actually makes it smooth by removing the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Say no more to blackheads because eliminating blackheads is the added bonus you get by unclogging the pores. Getting rid of the dry and flaky skin will help with effective absorption of other skincare products and lead you to a more refreshed younger looking skin. 
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  • 2) Wash-Off Mask according to your skincare needs!

Why use wash-off masks when you have some good old facial sheet masks at home? It’s not that the classic sheet masks won’t do the trick but wash-off masks will provide you with a boosting effect along with serving your personalized, customized needs. Unlike sheet masks that work best when you are mostly seeking moisturizing and soothing effect, wash-off masks come in all shapes and sizes. Since there are so many options to choose from, you have to choose the right one according to your skincare needs. For example, if you’re looking to smoothen your skin, you should carefully weigh out the pros and cons between the two top-tier smoothening wash-off masks -- clay and black sugar. Clay wash-off masks can really tighten your pores and help control your sebum secretion. Black sugar makes the surface of your skin even by exfoliating and moisturizing. So it really comes down to whether you have dry skin or oily skin!  

D-day, It's Your Zoom Call Day!

 You don’t need to do much on the day of the Zoom meeting if you have done your part on the night before. With just some facial oil, concealer, and an eyebrow pencil, you are ready to look amazing on Zoom. 

1) Oil Drop might help with the glow through the camera 

If you have some facial oil, a drop of oil will give you the radiating glow on your skin. You are in luck if you have a table lamp next to your laptop. It can give you the lighting that will bounce off your skin you need for a perfect glow on your skin.  
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2) Concealer or a thin layer of tinted moisturizer can do the trick

What you might have noticed from looking at your reflection on Zoom is how your laptop camera highlights the features that you don’t want to show off and kills the features that you want the others to notice. What I continued to experience was how Zoom always seems to fade out the color of your lips while somehow managing to bring out the redness on my skin that I want to hide. It’s amazing how your laptop camera can really bring out the worst in you and your skin. To combat the extortion brought on by technology, a concealer or a thin layer of tinted moisturizer can hide the redness and blemish on your skin, making your skin look even-toned. 
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3) Or at least make your eyebrows on point

You should’ve already felt it by heart that the camera totally washes out your face. Drawing your eyebrows and making your eyebrows on point is the least you can do to make your contours seem bolder. After getting your skin ready for the Zoom call, quickly shade in the missing parts of your eyebrows for the perfect complete makeup-free look. 

4) Keep a mist by the desk and add a spritz in between your meetings. 

Whenever you notice that your skin is feeling tight and stretchy, spray some hydrating mist. Even if you feel that your skin is doing fine, you might want to add a spritz in between your meetings. This will allow you to get the glow back on your skin that has been fading since the start of the meeting. 
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