Let’s have a smell talk!

by Lauren on Jun 29, 2023

Summer is officially here and with the peak of a new season, comes the opportunity to make new memories. When we make new memories, our senses are often at the forefront of forming them, namely scent. So, it’s time to make new memories alongside your new favorite fragrance.


Finding the perfect summer fragrance is a very unique and individual task, as everyone’s preference when it comes to fragrance is different, and you may need more than one scent to suit your mood.


Luckily, Skybottle has a wide variety of fragrances to suit every individual preference and occasion. If you’re looking for a new scent to be a part of your summer memories, look no further!


Starry Night

This fragrance has a very classic musk scent. The deep musk notes give a sophisticated and elegant feel, perfect for any evening occasion to wrap yourself in this scent and feel fantastic.


White Rain

This fragrance is a well-rounded subtle summer scent. The fresh floral top note embodies the fulfilment of setting out fresh flowers on a summer morning, paired with its tuberose middle note which provides a honey-like sweetness and earthy cedarwood base to add a softness. This fragrance will give you the feeling of a poetic summer romance in a bottle.


Viva La Pink

Add a little zest to your summer with this scent! The grapefruit top note provides a sweet yet tangy feel and paired perfectly with the earthy amber base, this fragrance is fresh, fruity and fun!



The meaning of this scent’s name is ‘fig tree’ in Korean. The scent consists of fig, which is sweet and fruity yet elegant, making the fragrance ideal for a late summer evening, with the slight woody notes of the fig tree adding depth to the fragrance. This is definitely a classic and romantic fragrance to leave a long-lasting impression.


Skybottle presents a unique variety of fragrances to suit your desired accompaniment for any ambience, outfit or occasion.

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