Klairs Sheet Mask, One is Calming & One is Hydrating: Battle of the Best

by Wendy Kim on Jun 07, 2020

Sheet masks have now become an essential and more of a lifestyle that we enjoy at times when our skin needs an extra ‘boost’. However, we often find ourselves being less picky about the choices we make on sheet masks compared to other skin care items. But, let's not forget that whenever it comes to anything that touches our skin, it is always better to be a little pickier. Come to think of it, compared to any other skincare products, sheet masks are what stays on the surface of your skin directly for the longest time (at least 15 minutes) within your routine.  So, let this be the guide for you to make a better 'sheet mask' choice for that skincare boost! 

Klairs sheet mask comes in two, which one should I go for?

Klairs-Sheet-Mask-Insert-Image-1 2 different types of Klairs sheet mask is registered as a vegan product by 'The Vegan Society'[/caption] The latest episode of the 'battle of the best' was the 'sunscreen' category from Klairs. Welll, Klairs sheet mask also comes in two and they benefit the skin in different ways with the help of different ingredients. Klairs already has a great reputation of carrying products with ingredients that are suitable and beneficial for sensitive skin. Now that both sheet masks from Klairs have been registered as a ‘vegan’ product from the vegan society, it is about time, we further explore how they are different in terms of ingredients, skin benefits and on what days would be best to pull them out on different days.  [caption id="attachment_301548" align="aligncenter" width="758"]klairs-sheet-mask-comparison Comparison chart of 2 different types of Klairs sheet mask

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask

"Repair damaged skin barrier with 5 types of ceramides"

 Ceramides have a proven record of helping skin retain moisture, strengthen skin's barrier and make skin appear firm and plumped. It is often called as the mortar between the layers of the skin. Considering these characteristics and benefits of ceramides in mind, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask not just contains one but five different types of ceramides. Ceramides aid the skin to form a protective layer that prevents moisture loss and protects skin from pollution and environmental stressors.  So, whenever skin feels dry, dehydrated, flaky and irritated, the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask is the one to reach out for. Made with the double-layered tencel gauze sheet, it is suitable for sensitive skin and is effective in delivering sufficient amount of the essence to the layers of the skin. It is part of the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing line,  designed to focus on hydration and soothing care for all skin types.   ▶ Read the in-depth review of the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask  

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

"Purify pores with natural BHA & Bamboo Charcoal"

 Just by looking at the color of the sheet of the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask, it won't be too hard to guess the ingredient of this sheet mask. The bamboo and charcoal powder is what makes the sheet mask come in the color black and is what makes this sheet mask effective for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory care. The natural BHA contained in this sheet mask helps to give skin a gentle pore purifying care and when paired with Vitamin C serums, it will maximize your exfoliating care for oily and acne prone skin conditions. The 'erythritol' formulated in the sheet mask actually helps calm and cool down heated and irritated skin temperature.  So, if you are struggling with excessive oil or acne, the Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask could not only help add hydration to the deeper layer of the skin but also help purify the pores and give anti-baterial care. On days when skin feels extra sensitive and irritated, pairing it with other products from the Midnight Blue Calming line from Klairs will press a refresh button to your skin.  ▶ Read the in-depth review of the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask 
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