Klairs RE-USE Organizer: A New Use Found for Discarded Empty Bottles

by Navy Bae on Feb 21, 2023

klairs re-use organizer

What can we do for a sustainable life? 

Dear, Klairs answered this question through finding the use of the discarded empty bottle collection campaign [USE WELL, RE-USE WELL].

From April 22 to August 31 in 2022, the empty bottles have been collected through Klairs official site and Klairs Seoul, and by recycling these empty bottles, Klairs’ first upcycling product was born. Introducing Klairs’ RE-USE Organizer that balances out disordered daily life.

The Rebirth of Discarded Plastic Empty Bottles

discarded plastic bottles
discarded plastic bottles

Dear Klairs, has been collecting empty cosmetic bottles with customers for about 4 months, so that empty bottles can be used meaningfully again. RE-USE Organizer is a product made with 100% PCR by adding recycled plastic raw materials to regenerated raw materials made from the collected empty bottles through the process of separating, washing, and crushing.


*What is PCR? : PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycled content and is made from used and discarded plastic.

Re-Use Organizer In Your Daily Life

Just as empty bottles can be remade into products of various shapes through recycling, Re-Use Organizer can be used in various places in everyday life, such as vanity tables, desks, bathroom, kitchen and more.

  • A cosmetic organizer that has the skincare products used often on a busy vanity table.
  • A stationery organizer that enhances tidiness on a cluttered desk.
  • A body product organizer in an endlessly disorganized bathroom.
  • A medicine cabinet organizer to store vitamins or medicines that you need to intake daily.

Use Re-Use Organizer wherever you need organization in your daily life.

What Are The Proceeds From The Sale Going?

reusing used plastic

Actively recycling is not easy due to the cost of operating the machine once to recycle plastic like empty bottles is higher than expected. Klairs decided to donate the proceeds from the sale, so that even a small amount of resources can be better utilized. With every purchase of the RE-USE Organizer, you will be supporting grassroots recycling plants to acquire specialized recycling machinery that will allow smaller batches of resources to be upcycled. 

klairs re-use organizer
klairs re-use organizer

Dear, Klairs makes products with the hope that all products will be used until the end. Additionally, with an Earth-friendly mind that thinks even after the product is used completely, RE-USE Organizer was born.

Let’s take the first step in a virtuous cycle of resources with RE-USE Organizer, Klairs’ first upcycling goods for a sustainable life.

Fyi, Wishtrend is currently providing this Re-Use Organizer as a first come first served gift for All-day moisturizing set.

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