How to Prevent Breakouts After Working Out with 5 Essentials?

by Wendy Kim on Feb 26, 2019

How are you keeping up with your new year resolution,"go to the gym at least twice a day". Hope you are keeping up with the resolution because healthy body will play a huge role in keeping skin healthy and of course our minds clear.Well, but we're not here to talk about your workout routine today! We wanted to talk about some of the concerns that our healthy-gurus carries.

“How can I keep my skin trouble free and clear post workout or sweating?”

Preping skin for the gym or caring skin after your gym or yoga session is definitely not the easiest thing to do so it's easy to get lost when it comes to pre & post workout skincare. But we are here to guide you through the solutions and step by step tips.And this solution is not just restrcited to gym lovers but can be applied to situations when you sweat excessively, when the skin becomes oily, or whenever the skin has been exposed to heat for a long time." This will be the guideline to guide you through keeping skin safe from troubles and acne or even further aging and losing elasticity.

How Should "Pre-workout skincare" and "Post-workout skincare" be different?

Before we actually learn how these two are different, let's start by looking into why these two is best to be curated differently.

1. Keep it light for "Pre-Workout"

Unless you have a crush at the gym, makeup-free skin is the number one rule when it comes of workout skin. But taking raw and unprotected skin to the sweaty gym won't be the best way as well. It is important to keep skin clean yet hydrated and protected from any possible UV rays your skin might be exposed to.“Remember 3 words, clear, hydrated and UV protection”

2. Time to Clear & Calm for "Post-Workout"

We all know what our skin looks like after a nice work out session, sweaty, heated and red here and there. The very first thing you would want to do is cleanse your face but what follows is also crucial to prevent any further breakouts and troubles! Make sure to let your pores breath again and give calming care with an addition of hydration.

“Cleanse right, detoxify and calm the skin”

5 Essentials for Acne Free Skin Pre & Post Workout1. Always keep a cleanser that actually worksWe all know the importance of cleansing by now. CLeansing is not just restricted to removing makeup at the end of the day. Cleansing applies to refreshening skin in the morning, removing dirt and sweat off from the skin and etc.• Pre-workout: Before you hit the gym, make sure to jump into the hour of workout session with cleaer face. Rather than double cleansing or harsh cleansing, cleanse with frothy foam once to make sure to remove any impurities off from the face before you start sweating.• Post-workout: First thing you would want to do after work out is to remove sweat and all the dirt covering the skin. Don't let it sit on your face for a long time because this will lead to pore cloggins and lead to troubles on the face!

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2. A good toner actually mattersToner has now become manys must have in a skincare routine. But the question is, is it a "GOOD" toner? Keeping a good toner will become really handy for anytime of the day even before and after workout. It will work as a step to prep the skin and keep the skin clean and clear.• Pre-workout: Prep the skin before hitting to the gym with a gentle yet hydrating toner. You would always want to keep skin moist and prepped in any circumstances. Using the cotton pad, gently dab onto the skin the provide a nice layer of moisture.• Post-workout: Once you are done cleansing the face, use the toner and a cotton pad to wipe away any remaining impurities off from the face. But always remember to keep the motions gentle on the face. This will help with perfectly removing sweat and dirt off the face and prep and hydrate the skin for the following steps!

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3. Adding a sheet mask never harmsSheet mask is one of the best way to give extra hydration, cool down heated skin and calm irritated skin. Sheet maks can come in really handy because it is easy and simple to use, but with just 20 minutes or so, it gives you the care it needs. So try to keep a sheet mask that you prefer and works good on your skin in your vanity that you can pull it off whenever you need it.• Pre-workout: It's unecessary to add a sheet mask step before gym time. Try to keep your skincare simple and minimal because you'll any way end up sweating a lot.• Post-workout: After workout skincare will the perfect time to pull out your sheet mask. Once you are done with the toner step, add a sheet mask to help lower the heated skin's temperature after a workout and to calm down irritated skin. A great tip will be to store the sheet mask in the fridge before use!

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4. Keep your moisturizer lightEveryone has different preference when it comes to 'moisturizer'. We all have different skin concerns and different preference with texture of the cream. But when it comes to achieving trouble-free, acne-free skin, it is important to reach out for a moisturizer that is gentle, light yet hydrating with 'good' ingredeints. Especially when it comes to moisturizing for your pre & post workout routine, it's best to keep it light.• Pre-workout: After adding the first layer of hydration with the toner, finish up your entire pre-workout skincare routine with the light moisturizer. You don't want your pores to be clogged before you start sweating so using a light yet hydrating moiturizer is the key to preparing the skin for the gym.• Post-workout: Once you have had a nice 20 minutes long sheet mask session, time to lock in all that moisture. The amount you will use a moisturizer will depend on the condition of the skin and how dry your skin feels like. But make sure to hydrate the skin and soak them well onto the skin.

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5. Calming care will only make skin trouble freeThe last thing we want our skin to feel is to feel 'irritated' or 'sensitive'. The shortcut to troubles and acne on skin is when we leave the skin without care when it is going through tough times. And because our skin is more prone to irritation and sensitivity after a workout and heavy sweating, make sure to add an extra calming care step for the skae of your skin and for acne free skin!• Pre-workout: Skip this calming care step before the gym but of course, whenever skin feels sensitive or heated, you can add this step no matter what the occasion is.• Post-workout: Post-workout skincare routine will the perfect time to add a calming care in your routine. Ingredients like 'guaiazulene' is probably the most beloved calming ingredient out there and with 'centella asiatica' to cure skin, it will help keep your skin safe and strong when added at the last step. You can specifically target sensitive areas or apply it all over the face.

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