How to Choose the Mask for Brightening Care For Your Skin

by Lorena Jimenez on Aug 08, 2018

*If you want to see details of the product or shop the featured item straight from the article while reading it, click onto the image of the product or the name of the product. You can also check out the products in the featured product section below :)Glass skin, dewy look, strobing... I could go on and on with techniques and trends that focus on brightening the skin through makeup or skincare. It is so, that lately no matter what kind of trend goes in an out, bright skin seems to be one of the lingering factors.Bright healthy looking skin, is a common selling point, independently of things like beauty standards, culture or even skin tone, in times where no one would choose to have dull, uneven skin over the possibility of having their best glowy, bright and even complexion.Markets are becoming overly saturated do to a general demand, but we should not forget that not all products are created equally and therefore, it is always important to choose well. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better choice you will be able to make, so without any further due, let's go through all the know-hows that will help you understand and choose best in terms of brightening.How to Choose the Mask for Brightening Care For Your Skin Article Insert 1

What is Brightening?

The verb to brighten is described as "to become or make something lighter", but this is in fact where many people get it mistaken. To brighten does not mean to make something lighter in terms of color, but in terms of light specifically. The adjective bright with synonyms such as brilliant, radiant, luminous, cheerful, shining or glowing does not revolve around color itself, but mostly about the capacity of emitting or reflecting light.And it applies the same in terms of skincare. When we refer to brightening we are not talking about changing the original color, but about making the existing colors more cheerful, colorful and luminous. We brighten to give vibrancy to our natural shade, making it as beautiful as it can be. Therefore we need to set one thing clear, brightening is not about changing any skin color, but about nourishing your skin, making your own shade of melanin as gorgeous, luminous, glowy and radiant as it gets. That is why you should be adding steps such as a mask for brightening, onto your skincare routine as soon as possible.On the other hand there are other types of products that do in fact have different purposes such as lightening and even whitening. Lightening products will concentrate in reducing pigmentation and discoloration to even out the complexion, while whitening products mostly center around inhibiting the melanin production to achieve a lighter tone, this time talking about color itself. Keeping that in mind, there are many times products are categorized wrongly, because of a lack of information and understanding of the differences among those three terms. In order to prevent you choosing the wrong product out of misinformation, I am going to give you a list of my favorite ingredients and product types when talking about brightening.There are many products that can help with brightening, from face washes, to creams, toners, serums or even masks among others. Each product is designed for different needs and to suit different preferences, but today we are going to center around masks. Since a mask for brightening is probably one of the fastest and most immediate ways to get visible results when brightening your complexion.

To Choose a Mask for Brightening - Always Follow Up on the Ingredients

By now we know brightening means to make the skin more radiant. Many ingredients such as certain types of peptides, vitamins or antioxidants among others, can help your dull skin to become more luminous, but if you want the inner glow of a shining disco ball, there are some key ingredients that you might want to check out, and these are my favorite ones:1. The Vitamins: We know vitamins are great for health and skin in general, but when we talk specifically about brightening there is a very special duo, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Both potent antioxidants, will make your skin iris-decent, even and glowy if used consistently into your skincare routine.2. Niacinamide: Another antioxidant derived from niacin, a compound of vitamin B3, that will not only help with brightening and evening out the skin tone, but also help with acne, by regulating sebum production and treating irritation.3. AHA: Alpha Hydroxy Acid compounds are great in terms of exfoliating and brightening, because by helping us eliminate the dead skin cells and bringing up newer layers of skin, we will not only smoothen out the skin, but also even out its complexion.4.Natural ingredients: Ingredients such as rice, aloe vera, matcha powder or honey among others, have natural brightening properties that will nourish your skin and make it look healthy and glowy on the spot.

Brightening for Beginners - Product Recommendations

If you are an impatient customer like me and you want to see quick changes on the luminosity of your complexion, your best bet is a mask for brightening. Due to characteristics such as dosages, application or product consistency, you will see result much faster than when using other products such as serums or toners, but now among all the types of masks, which one should you go for.Masks come in many different formats and the one to choose will depend a lot on your personal preferences, some of the most popular and general types of masks are: sheet masks, wash off masks and sleeping masks and here are some of the biggest differences.1. Sheet masks: Sheet masks are pieces of gauze or fabric soaked in a product with a similar consistency to essences or serums, where the whitening ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin and the gauce acts as a physical barrier to prevent nutrients from evaporating from the skin too quickly. Because they contain a high volume of product filled with brightening ingredients and they act not only on the surface but on the deeper layers as well, they are a perfect fit to quickly nourish and bring glow to the skin brightening the overall complexion. If you want to try a skin brightening sheet mask, my recommendation for today will be: [BY WISHTREND] Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet Mask.◎ When to use: Sheet masks are my favorite when I want my skin to look pretty on the clock, or personally, I also adore to use them after wash off masks, for even more drastic results.◎ Product Recommendation:[BY WISHTREND] Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet MaskHow to Choose the Mask for Brightening Care For Your Skin Article Insert 22. Wash off masks: Wash off masks feature different extracts applied physically and left to dry while the skin absorbs the nutrients and properties of the mask, which will be later on cleansed with water or toner, revealing the new brightened complexion. In terms of brightening wash off masks these two masks are my personal recommendations for the day: [I'M FROM] Rice Mask and [I'M FROM] Vitamin Tree Mask. Wash off masks add the fun and messy factor of removal, that can subsequently help with mild exfoliation if the chosen mask has some sort of texture.◎ When to use: If you want a spa or treat day, wash off masks are definitely the way to go.◎ Product Recommendation: [I'M FROM] Vitamin Tree MaskHow to Choose the Mask for Brightening Care For Your Skin Article Insert 3◎ Product Recommendation: [I'M FROM] Rice MaskHow to Choose the Mask for Brightening Care For Your Skin Article Insert 43. Sleeping mask: Are one of my favorites to use during the week when I am tired, lack time or my skin needs an extra pick me up, since you just apply a thicker layer as you would do with a moisturizer and just wash it off in the morning, you receive all the benefits with minimal effort. It makes the expression "beauty sleep" a bigger and more tangible reality.◎ When to use:If you decide that the “sleeping beauty” method is your thing or you are just on the lazier side of the spectrum, but still wanna wear that glow the next day, then [KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask will definitely be the mask to go for.◎ Product Recommendation:[KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E MaskHow to Choose the Mask for Brightening Care For Your Skin Article Insert 5With these new concepts and knowledge you just learned about, you will definitely be able to best choose the mask for brightening that will suit your skin and personality the best. Now what is left is for you to put it on and pick up all the compliments about your new gained skin luminosity. Have a glowing day.

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