How This Mugwort Essence Helped with My Acne Prone Skin

by bb on Aug 21, 2018

  *If you want to see details of the product or shop the featured item straight from the article while reading it, click onto the image of the product or the name of the product. You can also check out the products in the featured product section below :) One thing I have always loved about Korean skincare is the consistent usage and introduction of traditional ingredients in to skincare products. One traditional ingredient that has always sparked my interest is Mugwort, which is a herb that grows in Korea, consisting of a multitude of healing benefits. I first became aware of Mugwort when I moved to Korea, particularly when I visited my first public bathhouse aka jjimjilbang (찜질방) and noticed a specific hot bath that advertised itself as a “Mugwort Hot Bath”. Since then, I became quite interested in traditional Korean herbs and their unique effects on the body and skin. So, what exactly is Mugwort?  

1. What Is Mugwort?

Mugwort is a herb in the daisy family (artemesia) which is native to Asia and Europe however, it can be found globally. This herb grows very tall during the summer season, preferring sunny and weedy areas. Due to its natural appearance, this herb can commonly be mistaken as a weed in itself (I for one can admit to pulling many out as weeds before). But before you get to weeding your garden, be sure you save this weedy looking herb for use in your home as it has some amazing benefits to your health and skin!  

2. Mugwort Skin Benefits

- Antibacterial- Antifungal- Anesthetic- Advanced skin calming- Stops/prevents rashes, itching and irritation- Anti Inflammatory  

3. Mugwort Health Benefits

- Clears the mind- Relieve stomach discomfort- Stimulate appetite- Regulates painful menstruation- Antiparasitic  

4. I’M FROM Mugwort Essence Review


1) Ingredients, Texture & Packaging

Now that we know what exactly Mugwort is and the benefits is provides us with, it’s time to hop into the review! The major thing I loved the most and what truly made me excited to test out and create this I’m From Mugwort Essence review was the experience the 100% pure Mugwort this product is! This essence is 100% pure Mugwort, no additives, no fillers, just pure goodness for our skin. It’s very rare you find a pure ingredient skincare product which makes this truly ideal for all skin types, including those with very sensitive skin. 

 On the note of it’s texture, as you may imagine, it is extremely watery with a very slight density to it which is hardly detectable, but once you spread it over the skin, you will feel the light difference in texture compared to water. Aside from that, there really is not much I can say in terms of the texture since there is nothing more that Mugwort in this I’m From Mugwort Essence. On another note, this is the first essence bottle we are seeing from the brand I’m From. We have seen jars and i-dropper vials, but never a large bottle! With that said, the bottle is beautiful in my opinion. It is made of thick glass with the classic branding font and labeling. Having this product on your vanity is one to be proud of.  

2) Usage and Experience

To get the most out of the product, I found applying it directly to the hands and patting into the skin after using toner to be the most effective way to use it. This is also the recommended way to apply the I’m From Mugwort Essence to the skin. As it is a very watery product, make sure you move quickly and carefully the ensure it does not drip everywhere as I found it can easily get messy during the application process, which of course you don’t want to allow happen as we do not want to wait any little bit of this precious 100% pure Mugwort! 

 With that said, this essence does leave a little to desire in terms of hydration for the skin, which in my opinion, makes it important that you apply toner prior to the essence to allow you skin to evening absorb this essence while still getting the hydration it needs. In terms of the effects this product had on my skin, I do feel it has done a rather impressive job to sooth my easily irritated skin. I noticed my face has been experiencing a decrease in tiny hives and redness since I started using the essence on a daily basis both morning and night. As I do not currently have any acne or serious skin concerns, I can’t say much for its ability to heal and recover the skin, but in terms of mild irritation and calming and soothing, I can 100% say the I’m From Mugwort Essence worked perfectly! Aside from its ability to do its job, I personally love the natural scent of Mugwort which is a very light herbal scent.  

3) Overall Opinion

I personally was impressed with how it was able to make my skin less irritated by reducing the amount of small irritation bumps on my skin and reducing mild redness. I think this is a great product to try out if you suffer with regular irritations like myself or if you suffer with inflamed acne or other types of skin inflammation. A little seriously goes a long way if you use it properly as per the directs suggest and the fact that it is a 100% pure product makes it even more worth a try!Would I buy it again? Yes!

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