Here are Skincare Trends 2021 Just in Case You Missed It

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Feb 22, 2021

Skincare Trend 2021 Insert Image Now that we have even passed through the Lunar New Year's, it only makes sense to dive into some of the skincare trends of 2021. Wishtrend TV tapped onto the beauty trends that will take over in 2021, but let's go through some of the major skincare trends to take a closer look at to enjoy this year and our skin to the fullest!  

1️⃣ Maskne is the new acne

Many of us nod our heads when we hear that 2020 was the worst year but our skincare lovers cannot agree more. Wearing masks has brought upon so many changes in our lives but especially in terms of the new disastrous breakout called maskne. Maskne, a combination of mask and acne, is a special skin irritation caused by impurities blocking the pores due to the humidity and heat within the masks.  While we were attacked by maskne in 2020, 2021 is all about fighting the battle with maskne and winning it. Skin experts turned to Centella Asiatica and hoped the wonders of “cica” would help soothe the irritated skin, let your skin heal, and give it the resilience and protection it needs. Famously known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, Centella Asiatica immediately reduces the temperature of your skin after it has been overheated by the hot air under your mask. It also helps with healing the wounds and acne scars as it induces blood circulation and production of protein and collagen.  

2️⃣ Skin minimalism

Minimalism is not only a trending lifestyle but the newest trend in K-beauty skincare. 10-step Korean skincare is now an old-timey and minimalist skincare has taken over the game. Cutting down on skincare products is all about allowing your skin to strengthen its resilience naturally and reduce irritation and redness induced by the chemicals in the skincare products. By eliminating the unessential and filling it with active ingredients, you not only save time but actually can tackle your skin concerns more effectively.  ▶️ Watch the full video on "skin minimalism" for 2021 Trend on Wishtrend TV 

3 must-haves in skin minimalism:

  • • the right cleanser
  • • the right moisturizer
  • • the right sunscreen
 You saw it right. Finding the right cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen is the most important part of doing your skincare right. You must include a moisturizer but make sure you don’t go over the line. Instead of using different types of moisturizers and creams, try to use one that includes the active ingredient that could effectively tackle your skin issues. Minimalizing the list of active ingredients in your skincare is also something you may want to stick to. Rather than trying out different active ingredients for multiple effects, focusing on one concern at a time could really do the trick.  
  • The key to finding the perfect ingredient just for you:

    1. Start with figuring out the BIGGEST skin concern you have. Do you have acne-prone, oily skin? Does your skin feel dry all the time? Noticing that your skin has lost its glow and need some brightening?
  1. Find the product that could target your concern.Most skincare products include an array of different combinations of active ingredients. You need to find a product with the right texture for your main active ingredient. For example, if you’ve decided to go for hyaluronic acid for your dry skin, keep in mind that hyaluronic acid is soluble in water, which means that you might want to look for water-based moisturizers or serums instead of thick oil-based creams. Whereas retinol that you want to use if you are concerned about your acne, in fact, works better in oil-based products. 

3️⃣ Personalized Custom Skincare

It’s true that you can tell someone’s personality by looking at their personal skincare routine. Skincare is all about adding your spice to the boring, rigid regimen and making it yours. Keeping a variety of skincare routines can help you and your skin feel refreshed with a simple twist to your everyday regimen. Now, more and more people are enjoying their own personalized custom skincare and trying out different themes for their new 2021 skincare resolution.  

I’ll let you in on some of the themes that some skincare lovers are into:

• More of an adventurous type? You may be intrigued by the LED mask technology.
  • • Like keeping it simple? Rice and green tea never go wrong.
  • • Time for a new you, new skin? Scrub away with black sugar.
 It has now also become more common to have different skincare morning and nighttime routines. Most people like to keep their morning skincare routines more simple and light, focusing on cleansing and moisturizing and treating your skin right at the end of the day with full-on spa care, including facial masks and nighttime creams.  

4️⃣ Celebrity skincare

Celebrities and influencers are not only leading the fashion industry but creating new trends in skincare. As you can witness from the endless celebrity cosmetic and skincare brands, more and more people are relying on celebrities so that they can bring Hollywood spa care to their homes. A lot of celebrities like Anya Taylor-Joy, Lily Collins, and Millie Bobby Brown are openly sharing their skincare secrets, making celebrity skincare ever more approachable.  

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