by Gina Myung on Dec 07, 2018

Even if you don’t know much about skincare or consider yourself a skincare connoisseur, there is one thing that you should always remember: cleansing is the most important step of skincare. Without a proper cleansing routine, the base of all skincare routines, no routine can be good as it’s foundation is not. Finding the right cleanser for you can be difficult amidst the many in the market that claim to do more for the skin than it actually does, or actually harm the skin more than help.FAQ [JUNGLE BOTANICS] The Ecru Clay Soap Insert Image 1Almost 2 years after their last release, Jungle Botanics has finally come to the rescue for those looking for a natural, gentle yet effective cleanser: The Ecru Clay Soap.

[JUNGLE BOTANICS] The Ecru Clay Soap

A bold, yet delicate soap to cleanse away your skincare concerns. (For more product details, check out this video)FAQ: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask Insert Image 1


As much as many are excited about this new clay soap that will completely control your excessive sebum and oil level on the face, many also have many questions about this new item! So here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and answered them one by one!

Q1. What does the soap smell like?

A. Because the soap is made with natural Kaolin clay, the soap has a mild scent of natural clay.

Q2. Is it for the face or body?

A. This soap can be used for both the face and body.

Q3. What skin type is the soap best suited for?

A. While the gentle nature of this soap makes it suitable for all skin types, it is best suited for those with oily skin, as it functions to absorb excess oil from the skin to control sebum secretion and clarify the pores by dissolving unwanted oil.

Q4. What is the main function of this soap?

A. The main function of this soap is to cleanse the skin while leaving it hydrated and moisturized. It also functions to absorb and remove excess oil and sebum on the surface of the skin, improving the texture and appearance of the complexion. It is a regular cleanser for the face and body, and its rich bubbles can also double as a purifying face mask.

Q5. What is the soap’s main ingredient?

A. The soap’s main ingredient is Amazonian Green Clay, also known as ‘Kaolin clay’, which is rich in Montmorillonite, a substance that helps to remove impurities from the skin.

Q6. Is it for everyday use?

A. This depends on your skin type. If you have more sensitive skin, or more dry skin, stick to using the soap 2-3 days a week. If you know that your skin is able to handle it, there should be no issues using the soap every day.

Q7. What do we do with the linen holder?

A. Like it’s name, you can use the linen holder to store the soap when you’re not using it. Simply hang it in your bathroom to dry, and for safekeeping. You can also use it as a gentle exfoliating cleansing sponge.

Q8. I have body acne/ scars/ pigmentation on my body. Will this soap get rid of them?

A. While continuous use of the soap can help to brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots and occurrence of acne on the body through the gentle exfoliation offered by the linen holder, the soap doesn't contain any ingredients that specifically target such skin concerns.

Q9. Does the soap help minimize pores?

A. To a certain extent, the soap can help minimize pores by getting rid of excess oil and sebum that build up on the skin and block the pores. However, it is important to note that this soap is not specifically a pore care product.

Q10. What skincare products should we follow up with after cleansing with the soap?

A. Much like you would after you use a conventional cleanser, after thoroughly cleansing your face with the ecru soap, gently pat your skin dry and follow up with your choice of toner, serum and/ or moisturizer.

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