Face Oil Serum for Oily Skin? How to Keep Skin Hydrated Oil Free!

by Lorena Jimenez on Jun 18, 2019

What is the very first thing that comes through your mind when you hear the word "face oil" or "oil serum"?If you have OILY skin, it’ll probably be something that you’ll find it hard to get along with or have nothing to do with, and if you are NEW to skincare, you would need a lot more courage to make the first move to test out the product for the first time. (even more courage than when you made the move for the first kiss)

What is it about face oils that scares people away at first?

When we think of oil, the adjectives or images that comes across our minds are greasy, sticky, uncomfortable, too thick, slimy, unbreathable, etc. Very much leaned to negative adjectives. We tend to think of the texture of cooking oils when we think of face oils or oil serums based on our experiences of testing out products here and there at different beauty shops. There is something about oil based products that makes it hard for us to reach out to without hesitation compared to other products.BUT, we are also aware of the benefits face oils can give our skin, from nourishment to delivering concentrated ingredients to the inner and outer layer of the skin. Oil has been part of the skincare game for ages, and there’s actually a rising interest and reputation of skincare products with oil base in the market especially more so now.
  • But, what if we are one of the below? : - who has oily skin and is afraid to use face oils- who has dry skin but who fears face oils- who can't stand the texture of oil in any case
Do we have to just give up on the chance to enjoy the benefits face oils can give the skin? Life would be so unfair if the answer was 'yes', but GOOD NEWS!With developement in research and formulation, you can enjoy the benefits an oil serum can give our skin even without oil-based serums!

There's something called, "fake face oil"

Some people call it 'fake face oil' or some call it 'oil serum'. The word is pretty much self-explanatory, but what it is, it is a serum product that mimics the texture and the benefits face oil gives to the skin.Perfectly targeted everyone who fears to apply face oils onto their face but wishes to enjoy the following benefits like below:- deeper nourishment - faster routine without compromising results- fewer products that clutter your vanity, or travel pouch- fast absorption- great grip and consistency for facial massages - having the added benefits of an oil without the many times hated oiliness- much less likely to make the skin react or clog the pores like the wrong choice of oil couldThe Fundamental Watery Oil DropFace Oil Serum for Oily Skin Video ThumbnailIf this sounds interesting to you I suggest you have a look at our newest product which is not only an oil serum but specifically a water-based one, a quality that makes the application on this product even more easy in terms of skin absorption. The [Klairs] Fundamental Watery Oil Drop is one of the latest Wishtrend launches, a water-based oil serum catered to provide antioxidant care, add skin soothing and skin hydrating benefits, fight anti-aging and moisturize the skin all with one simple step.Being water-based it can be easily incorporated even now during the summer to provide all that rich nourishment of its powerful ingredients which include green tea, peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and fermented extracts among others to provide fundamental care to your skin. If you are in the market for a serum that provides a good glow, bring antioxidants and helps hydrate and restore the skin while being easy to use, have a closer look because the [Klairs] Fundamental Watery Oil Drop might be your next new thing.

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