Dear Klairs Eye Cream Duo Comparison, What is Your Pick?

by Wendy Kim on Dec 16, 2019

Dear, Klairs_Fundamental Eye Care Duo

Dear Klairs added not just one, but two new eye cream this year and it was probably one of the most exciting news on Wishtrend! The Dear Klairs Eye Cream duo was designed to take care of your skin around the eyes and help resolve your under eye wrinkles, puffy eyes, and even dark circles!  The Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel and the Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter got everyone excited, with not only interesting ingredients and formula but also two very different textures! And this got a lot of us wondering, so which one will work best for my under eyes?  

Eye've Got My Eyes on Klairs - Fundamental Eye Care Duo

One of the most common comments or feedbacks eye cream products recieve are : "it is too thick", "it is too oily", "it is hard to use it in the morning". Dear Klairs wanted to make sure their new addition of eye care products alleviate these negative feedbacks and help people alter their perception on eye cream products. Even though the Eye Gel and the Eye Butter are two very different products, with different ingredients, forumulation, texture and effects, they share these 4 traits :contains effective antioxidant ingredients.can be used both in the morning and at light and fast absorbing unlike other eye care products you've seen before. comes in easy-to-use container. So, if you've never used eye cream products before, or if you were on the hunt for an under eye care product that will be gentle but effective, the Fundamental Eye Care Duo would be a a great choice.  

The Klairs Fundamental Eye Care Duo, How are They Different?

The difference between Eye Gel and the Eye Butter mainly derives from the 1) ingredient list, 2) texture, and 3) effects around the eyes.  

Dear, Klairs_Fundamental Eye Care Duo Comparison

  1. 1) The Ingredient: Similar but different

    • (both) Caffeine : Just like we drink coffee when we try to wake ourselves up in the morning, you can expect a very similar effect when you add caffeine as a skincare ingredient for your under eyes care. Eye cream with caffeine is known to reduce redness, puffiness around the eyes and reduce the appearance of inflammation. Caffeine also has soothing properties making it effective yet skin soothing for under eyes care.
  • (both) Red bean extract : Red bean might not be the most familiar ingredient for everyone yet, for Asian cultures it is a very familiar ingredient rich in Vitamins, minerals and fiber. The red bean exract contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E making it a great ingredient for antioxidant skincare products. It also helps repair and renew cells making it a unique yet ideal ingredient for eye care products.
(both) Quad-peptide : Peptides being one of the most popular anti-aging skin care ingredient, they are chains of amino acids that are building block of protein in the skin. Thanks to its ability to penetrate effectively into the skin, it has been proved of its anti-aging property. But imagine you get to have 4 of this brilliant ingredients just for your under eye care! (eye butter) Sunflower seed oil : Sunflower oil is significant as it is a non-comedogenic carrier oil which is highly absorbent, and doesn't clog pores. Since it is rich in Vitamin E it is a great antioxidant ingredient and since it helps skin retain moisture it makes it a great hydrating ingredient to be found in under eye care products. 

2) The Texture: Very different but both gentle

Dear, Klairs_Fundamental Eye Awakening GelIf you are someone who prefers gel type skincare products, this will be the eye cream for you . Gel type products usually better delivers cooling property onto the skin and leaves skin feeling refreshed and soothed. The Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel comes in a gel texture and is light enough to be used in the morning. So, if you have been looking for an eye cream product that you can add it into your morning routine, give Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel a try! It won't disturb your following makeup routine as well!

Click above to see the texture in more detail

Dear, Klairs_Fundamental Nourishing Eye ButterIf you are used to the thick texture or prefer the nourishing buttery texture when it comes to eye creams, you'll love the Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter. This will glide onto the skin smoothly however leave your under eyes feeling more deeply nourished. The Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter will be suitable to be applied specifically onto the areas of fine lines in your night routine and leave it on over night for enhanced anti-aging care around the eyes.  A hydrating glow around the eyes after application is a plus. 

Click above to see the texture in more detail

3) The Effects: Target it for different purposesYou can switch up your under eye care between the two according to your preference since they share similar ingredients. However, each will serve you with more effective under eye care when specifically and carefully curated into your skincare routine for specifice under eye concerns. So, take the final look and see which one you'll go for to start your under eye care journey!

Dear, Klairs_Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter

  • If your eyes often get puffy in the morning
  • If you are looking for cooling & soothing care around the eyes
  • If you prefer gel-type skincare products 
  • If you want to apply eye cream in the morning and wear makeup
  • If you want to pair it with your facial rollers

Dear, Klairs_Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter

  • If you are spotting fine lines around the eyes
  • If you are looking for deep nourishing care around the eyes
  • If you prefer buttery skincare products
  • If you want to leave a protective layer of hydration around the eyes

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