Celebrate 100 Million Views & Brighter Skin with Vitamin Special Kit

by Wendy Kim on May 27, 2020

100,000,000 - it’s a number that we don’t usually see often on a daily basis. Well, Wishtrend TV recently witnessed this number on Youtube. Wishtrend TV hit 100 million views on Youtube! To celebrate this undeniable and meaningful number, Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV wanted to make sure they celebrate this number in the right manner, to give back the love and support they have received from all of you! 

“You made 100 million views happen, we made gentle vitamin care happen”

The best way to celebrate 100 million views on Wishtrend TV was not only to highlight the connection that WIshtrend shares with their subscribers and but also do good for your skin. The Vitamin Special Care only exclusive at Wishtrend was designed from the scratch to celebrate the amazing past years Wishtrend TV shared with the subscribers. Because it's been quite a positive journey. vitamin-special-kit-insert-image-1 Wishtrend X Wishtrend TV Vitamin Special Kit

So, this Vitamin Special Kit, you would enjoy it if you... 

- are a subscriber of Wishtrend TV - have sensitive skin- acne prone skin- have dull skin - have dry skin- are new to adding vitamin c in your routine- find the 21.5 Advanced Serum irritating on the skin- are looking for a higher potent vitamin c serum than the klairs vitamin drop

“100 million views with (you), brighter skin with (us)”

Consisted of one of the latest arrival, the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid from By Wishtrend and your favorite vitamin e cream, the Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream, it is to give maximized vitamin skin benefits regardless of your skin type and condition. Think of it as the full vitamin skin care routine made as gentle as possible.* For detailed information on the vitamin c serum in the special kit read, New Gentle Vitamin C Serum from By Wishtrend with Ferulic AcidThe best way to add this Vitamin Special Kit into your routine for maximized brightening and antioxidant effect is simpler than you would imagine. So, at times when you have 1) dull skin, 2) acne pigmentation or spots, 3) senstive skin, or 4) are looking for an enhanced antioxidant care, pull out this 2 step kit and add it into your routine. Simple & easy way to add the Vitamin Special Kit in your routine1) After cleansing, prep the skin with the toner.2) Apply 3-4 drops of the vitamin serum and spread over the face to promote absorption.3) Dispense an appropriate amount of the cream and spread over the face to promote absorption.▶ Don't miss out on the chance to join a GIVEAWAY @wishtrendtv
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