Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care!

by Wendy Kim on Jun 01, 2018


Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care! Article Insert 1#wishtrender of this month: Scarlett Ma

Wendy- Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers!Scarlett- A. This is Scarlett and I work at Wishcompany as a manager of Contents & Media team! I am in charge of the team within Wishcompany that operates and creates media contents covering channels like Youtube, Magazines, Instagram and so on!Wendy- Q. What is the best part about working at Wishcompany?Scarlett- A. I have started working at Wishcompany from its very early stage and have witnessed its growth and I was a part of this amazing journey. Now the people that I work with feels like they’re my family and each and every content that we create feels like my sons and daughters… Being a part of this company and see it evolve and grow, it’s the most fascinating and cherishable experience that I cannot replace it with any other. I guess one of the best part about working at Wishcompany is the ‘people’ and that the works are genuinely ‘fun’. As a woman in her early 30s who’s into beauty and cosmetics and is a daily consumer of all the related contents and stories out in the market, I can’t ask for more.Wendy- Q. Tell us about your hobby!Scarlett- A. As cliche as it may sound considering the work that I’m leading at the company now, I actually spend hours and hours watching movies, soap opera, youtube videos, web-comics. Also love to scribble here and there and drawing. And I enjoy sports during my spare time. Binge watching all the things I love is great but gotta make sure I keep my health and mind in the best condition at all times!Wendy- Q. I guess our readers will have a sense of who you are, now let’s get into skincare. What is your skin type?Scarlett- A. So I have a very tricky skin type. I shall name it Dry-combination skin. The areas around my cheeks tend to get extremely dry while my t-zone gets oily. And overall, I am more leaned to having sensitive skin. Yes, it’s a struggle. With this tricky skin type, I was blessed to have the opportunity to get more in depth with what type of products to use and have countlessly tried & tested a wide arrange of products to find the perfect one that works best for my skin!Wendy- Q. I’m 100% sure that there’ll be a lot among our readers who can relate to your skin concern. Now share us 5 Wishtrend products that you can’t live without!Scarlett- A. As a staff of Wishcompany I gotta say, I’ve tried countless products in a series of time. And throughout this time, I came about to find top 5 holy grail products among them and am excited to share them with the readers!Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care! Article Insert 2

#1. [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream

Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care! Article Insert 3- Why? Those with dry skin will relate on this. If you have dry skin type, you’ll be aware how much a moisturizer is important and plays a crucial role in deciding the fate, the destiny of the result, the finish of a base makeup. Like I said, I have a tricky skin type. Though I have dry skin, it’s also hard for me to use cream products that has high oil content. That is why I have tried so hard to find the right moisturizer that had perfect oil and water balance and boy I have searched for it from high end brands to road shops. And when I first had a chance to test the [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream, ‘EUREKA’!It’s hydrating enough yet doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy. Just love how light but enough it feels on my skin. Love the finish of this moisturizer once you apply it.- Any tips for this item? During winter or whenever the weather turns dry, what I do is layer [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner up to 5 layers first and then apply this cream on top. This is like my go-to routine for dry days. Toner works so well with this cream so I highly recommend this combo!

#2. [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care! Article Insert 4- Why? The moment my beautiful 30s began, I started paying more attention to anti-aging, anti-wrinkle care products. But oh boy, many of theses functional items either had extremely thick and rich consistency and texture but was high in oil content. And I was not into them. But again, I had the chance to test out the samples of the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop from the very beginning and instantly fell in love with it.- You can find out more details of the blue drop on many of the articles on ‘Glam Black’ so skipping all the long stories behind the wonderful ingredients I gotta say, I just love how it’s water like texture it is and how fast you can see changes on your skin. I found no problems applying it when I had troubles, when exposed to sun for a long time, when my skin was rough and exhausted, it just brought back the glow and the elasticity back to my skin. Love it.

#3. [BY WISHTREND] Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream

Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care! Article Insert 5- Why? Well another moisturizer on my list. I must talk about the texture first. It’s a lightweight gel type cream with Vitamin E ingredient that comes from Vitamin Tree Water! Of course it serves as a hydrating moisturizer but the best part about it is that it works wonders when used with Vitamin C serum! Vitamin C is known to work amazing with the help of Vitamin E since it helps with the absorption of the ingredient. So after I add [KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop after the toner step, I slather up a generous amount of this cream as if I apply a sleeping pack and go to bed. The next morning? G.L.O.W.I.N.G af. I just hate to see it when it starts to reveal its’ bottom of the container. Just started using a new one so happy for now.

#4. [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care! Article Insert 6- Why? My friends and co-workers have been telling me lately that my skin seems smoother and clear. But it was not always like this until I met this gem. I had troubles with whiteheads especially on my forehead and it was a struggle. Whiteheads are one of the most tricky skin troubles to take care of and to completely remove them. But with the help of ‘mandelic acid’, adios to whiteheads.- Any tips for this item? I love using it with [KLAIRS] Gentle Black Sugar Facial Scrub. Whenever I feel dead skin cells smearing up on my skin, I first melt away blackheads and dead skin cells with the scrub. And I do this once every 2 weeks. And every 2-3 times a week, I use this item with a cotton pad for mild exfoliation. To share the steps, I first apply this mandelic acid water using a cotton pad and gently wipe away the skin and then move on to the toner step, serum and finish it up with a cream. Like I said, I have sensitive skin so I only do this 2-3 times a week and it’s enough exfoliation for me. But you won’t even feel like its exfoliating since it’s watery like a toner. And thanks to anti-inflammatory content, it even calms troubles when I have them! Love love love.

#5. [Jungle Botanics] Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub

Beauty Youtube Manager's Beauty Secrets! Combination Skin Care! Article Insert 7- Why? This I’ve added since I find body care as important as face skin care. But our skin on our body is no different from our face. Actually, our body is more prone to built up of dead skin cells! If you wish to keep your body smooth and trouble free, you would want to start giving care now. It’s better late than never!And yes, like my face, my body is dry as well...So, I make sure to never forget body scrub and body lotion 24/7. We know that some body scrub products have too large particles up to the point it hurts our skin. But this is far from it. But I guess my favorite part about this scrub is the scent!- Any tips for this item? You can use the scrub with different intensity according to how much water you add and which tools to use. If you use a shower towel or a shower ball with it adding water, you can enjoy it as a gentle body wash as well.Wendy- Q. Share us your skincare & beauty tips that you never forget!Scarlett- A. I actually did share some of my go to skincare tips above while I was sharing my top 5 list of beauty products that I adore. But let me just add one more tip that I have come to realize after all these years. Try to change your daily skincare routine according to the condition of your skin on that day. Leaving the basics of skincare, try changing 1-2 skincare items that specifically can target your skin concern whether it is on days when you have sensitive skin, when you have dull and flaky skin, when you have acne and etc. Since our skin gets easily influenced by external factors, customizing different skin care routines differently will help save your skin.Wendy- Q. Any last comments to our readers?Scarlett- A. First I have to say that I had fun sharing my skincare journey and tips with you all! Before I say goodbye, want our readers who are struggling with their skin problems but does not have a clear guideline on how to take care of their skin, or our teens who are so curious of makeup and skincare but don’t know where to begin, to head over to Wishtrend TV!Glam Black offers great articles and tips but if you wish to see more detailed steps of skincare and everything beauty, Wishtrend TV will help you out. You’ll have access to countless videos and there must be a reason why we have more than 590,000 subscribers. If you already are a subscriber, wanted to say thank you always for your huge support and wonderful comments!- Wishtrend TV: Wishtrend Beauty Lab: Glam Black: Instagram: @wishtrend

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