#BalancedBy: What Keeps You Balanced in Life?

by Gina Myung on Oct 16, 2022


Sometimes, it’s hard to maintain your personal balance in the turmoil of daily lives, stressors, interactions and even the simplest thing as the weather. With the launch of the new By Wishtrend Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule, we are introducing the #BalancedBy campaign to inspire you to find a balance in both your skin and life.

Campaign Period

Oct.17th 2022 - Nov. 4th 2022 (KST)

How to Participate

1. Using the new #BalancedBy IG filter that can be found @wishtrendtv, take a photo or video of something that helps you to maintain / find your balance in life. (ex. Going for a run, drinking tea, dancing, it can be anything!)

2. Upload on your IG feed (NOT story) using the three hashtags #balancedby , #wishtrenders and #bywishtrend

3. Tag @wishtrendtv and @bywishtrend

4. Make sure to be following both accounts

  • Total of 50 winners will be receiving Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule & limited edition Fragrance Tag.
  • ONE first place winner wins $150 worth Wishtrend voucher. 
  • Winners will be contacted & announced on Nov. 11th. (KST)
    *Any custom taxes that may occur are the recipient's responsibility.
    *Depending on the winner’s residing country, the prize may differ.
    *This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram.


Can be found @WishtrendTV Instagram profile, or by searching effects gallery with one of the search keywords #balancedby, wishtrend, wishtrend tv, or cera-barrier

Check Out

The Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule was created through a detailed survey where we've gathered all of 932 Wishtrenders' needs & wants and put them all in one, formulating a highly soothing, hydrating and barrier fortifying formula named CeraBalance™.

We believe that the key factor of truly improving a skin barrier is to first soothe a sensitized skin for a healthy base, achieving the perfect balance in skin.

It is proven to be sensitive skin & acne prone skin safe through non-comedogenic tests.


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