7 Tips on How to Save Money on Skincare

by Wendy Kim on Feb 12, 2018

How much do you spend on your skincare, your makeup and your pampering? Especially with the new products flooding out every day and whenever we scroll down Instagram page, cutting off budget on skincare seems like a non-sense. But at the same time, whenever you do a weekly, or a monthly vanity cleaning, you get shocked to see how many products you haven't even opened or products that are expired but still half full and start blaming yourself...Especially if you are a teen, there would be nothing more that you want than to save money and block any leaking holes in your wallet. You would in fact be surprised to find out that more than you imagine, you've been doing all the habits that are anti-saving money. So check out what habits are worth changing and some useful skincare tips on how to save money especially on skincare!Watch the full video about "How to Save Money On Skincarehow to save money on skincare insert imageFor more tips & tutorials on skincare, beauty and makeup, visit our Wishtrend TV youtube page!

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7 Tips on How to Save Money on Skincare Article Insert 1- Name: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser- How to save money with it?: This foaming cleanser pumps out in foam type which not only makes it convenient to use but also helps you to not overuse a product because you don't have to constantly struggle to make foam using your hands!7 Tips on How to Save Money on Skincare Article Insert 2- Name: [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner- How to save money with it?: Always remember to be generous with toner than any other skincare product in your skin care routine! There is a reason why toners come out in the largest size among the skin care products! Not only because it's water based, it is a crucial step which will help you to not only tone your skin, organize skin texture and prep the skin to maximize the effects of the following steps, so be generous with it! You can even save money on serum by layering this toner because you can layer it up to 7 and even more on the skin!7 Tips on How to Save Money on Skincare Article Insert 3- Name: [KLAIRS] Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad- How to save money with it?: Not it feels weird to carry on a skin care without cotton pads right? But depending on which cotton pads you decide to use will either save your money or not. Rather than cotton balls, use cotton pads that won't leave lints falling off on your skin and won't soak up too much of the toner. Cotton pads made out of sponge pads are holy grails among skin care gurus because once you get to witness how much it spits out the product back onto your skin, you'll realize that it'll never waste even a drop of your toner!7 Tips on How to Save Money on Skincare Article Insert 4- Name: [BY WISHTREND] Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet Mask- How to save money with it?: Nowadays, the price of a single mask sheet can go up to $10 and even more. But don't be fooled by the price but rather be allured with how much essence it retains and how long the hydration lasts on your skin. When you decide to pamper your skin, why not give your skin a nice 'long' deep hydration? And when we say 'long' it's not 15 or 20 minutes, but 40 minutes and longer. Use the most out of what you invest and let it 'not dry' for as long as to save money on skincare insert image 6- Name: [KLAIRS] Soft Airy UV Essence- How to save money with it?: Cut out all the unecessary steps before you finally apply your base makeup. Especially if you are a teen, don't exhaust your skin with tons of products from sun cream, primer, concealer and foundation. But since we know how much applying SPF is important, never forget adding a sun lotion. But if how to save money on skincare is what you want to know, get hands on a sun lotion that of course not only has a decent level of SPF but also is not too heavy but can still work as a nice moisturizing primer!

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