7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them

by Wendy Kim on Jan 29, 2018

Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is way more important than you think. When it comes to cleansers, there is no “one type fits all”. The countless types of face cleansers on the market doesn’t make it any easier for us to choose from. Cleansing step is one of the most important skincare step that not only removes makeup but also help unclog pores and maintain a healthy glowing complexion. Though many of you might know what your skin type is, you might not have a clear idea of what to look for in a cleanser. But worry no more, because you are about to find out what makes the best face wash for your skin type!7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them Article Insert 1

What cleansers are the best face wash?

- doesn’t over dry the skin after cleansing- balances pH level on the skin- removes makeup effectively- washes off unnecessary waste and impurities on the skin- cleanses and unclogs poresThe key to finding the best face wash for you is first finding the one that is specifically tailored for your skin type. If you use a cleanser with ingredients that don’t go along well with your skin or with a wrong formula, it will end up irritating or drying up your skin rather than doing good. Ingredients, especially should be carefully considered when choosing the best cleanser for your skin and then see if it meets the basic needs of a cleanser, how well it cleanses off unnecessary waste and makeup off from the face. Another important factor to consider when choosing a cleanser is whether it is not loaded with artificial surfactants and whether it balances your pH level on the skin. What we call it a best face wash is those that can gently cleanse your skin effectively but still doesn’t irritate or damage skin’s barrier.

What is the Best Face Wash for My Skin?

Now that we have a sense of what makes a good cleanser, let's look into more details on what will be best for my skin type.

1) Dry Skin

- Indicator: Your skin feels tight & dry especially after the shower and water left on the skin after cleansing disappears quickly even without wiping it off. and gets easily flaky- What's the best face wash for my skin?:For dry skin, it's important to use a cleanser that clears away impurities without stripping off skin's natural oil & moisture. We can easily get tricked into feeling fresh after using a cleanser that makes your skin feel squeaky & tight with the feeling of having clear skin. However, don't get tricked into such feeling because it can indicate that the cleanser includes excessive artificial surfactants. Focus on finding a hydrating face wash (especially with ingredients such as glycerin or essential oils). And rather than picking up a soap, look for foam type or a oil type cleanser.- Products to try:[KLAIRS] Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them Article Insert 2- For more details: click here - Products to try:[KLAIRS] Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them Article Insert 3- For more details: click here

2) Oily Skin

- Indicator: You have large visible pores and your skin easily gets oily even after you have cleansed your skin.- What's the best face wash for my skin?: Those with oily skin may experience oil easily building up throughout the day, especially the T zone area. Look for a foam type cleanser or soap that will help gently exfoliate those dead skin cells and reduce sebum secretion. Strong ingredients may be effective in deeply removing makeup or dead skin cells, but may irritate the skin easily. The secret is to find a gentle product but can still deeply cleanse away the dirt and oil without irritating your skin. Ingredients such as 'charcoal' (look for charcoal face soaps) are effective in cleansing pores without leaving your face feeling dry or irritated.- Products to try:[KLAIRS] Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them Article Insert 4- For more details: click here

3) Combination Skin

- Indicator: Your skin gets both dry and oily in certain areas. Mostly you will notice more oil on your T zone and chin area.- What's the best face wash for my skin?:Combination skin types may be the most challenging when choosing a cleanser. Basically you have both oily and dry areas of skin. Whether it is a gel or foam type, it is important to find a product that effectively removes excess sebum without leaving the face either dry or oily. Avoid pore clogging products such as petroleum based products. The ideal cleanser would be able to deep cleanse the pores as well as tighten it. You can also try to exfoliate in areas where there are more dead skin cells clogged.- Products to try:[CHICA Y CHICO] Killing Star Cleanser7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them Article Insert 6- For more details: click here

4) Acne / Sensitive Skin

- Indicator:Your skin is irritated easily and your skin will break out easily especially to certain ingredients.- What's the best face wash for my skin?:When it comes to cleansing your acne for sensitive skin types, it’s important to carefully consider ingredients because it can actually trigger your acne and make it worse. Try to find a product with mild concentrations. You want to avoid any types of cleansers that contain oils because it may clog up your pores, which irritates the skin and increase sebum secretion. Try to find mild natural ingredients, but also ones that are effective in removing dead skin cells that block our pores. There are several ingredients (for example, green tea) that are mild but effective for acne skin, so take a close look into the ingredients. But also take a look at whether it can balance pH level on the skin as well!- Products to try:[BY WISHTREND] Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them Article Insert 7- For more details: click here - Products to try:[COSRX] Good Morning Low pH Gel Cleanser7 Cleansers for Different Skin Types & How to Choose Them Article Insert 8- For more details: click hereAgain, knowing your skin type is what should come first no matter what :) And then when it's time to choose the best face wash that will work great for you skin will be the key to keeping healthy & clear skin. Remember, before you jump into your carefully picked and curated skincare routine, you have to start with a clean canvas :D

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