6 Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients Worth Adding this Fall and Winter

by Hailei Kim on Oct 14, 2020

Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients Insert Image 1Even if you know that aging is just a natural course of life, can you be completely nonchalant when you notice another wrinkle line or another grey hair? So are you confident that you can instantly say “no” to someone offering you an opportunity to look younger? This is why anti-aging has been a central issue for skincare enthusiasts for centuries. When I say centuries, I literally mean centuries. The desire to look younger is not a recent concept. It goes way back to ancient times and talking about the history of anti-aging could be a history lesson in itself. Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China is famous for having pursued immortality until the day he died. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen who we still know as a beauty icon, bathed herself in donkey milk every day for glowing skin. Let me assure you that all these endeavors by our ancestors have not disappeared in vain. Their search for immortality and forever youth helped us find the key anti-aging ingredients that you should use ASAP to stop your skin from aging. 

Anti-aging, does it sound too good to be true?

As all of you know, aging is a part of life. We cannot escape reality and stop ourselves from aging unless we stop the time itself. Then what exactly is anti-aging? Anti-aging means literally going against aging. It does not mean stopping your skin from aging but focuses more on preventing further aging or slowing down the speed of aging. Some part of your daily routine makes it inevitable for your skin to experience fast aging. Exposure to the sun, external stimuli and pollutants, and stress are some on the list. So rather than trying to block all the negative energy and stimulus from your life, anti-aging should focus on a few primary elements you value and negative impacts that you want to mitigate. For example, if you are one of those people who has to take a walk in the park and get some fresh air every day, let’s focus on wearing sunscreen before going outdoors and vitamin C to fight off the free radicals produced through sun exposure. Choosing the right ingredient to find the most effective way to make your skin younger, or in other words, prevent it from maturing faster, is the first and foremost step you need to consider if you are really serious about anti-aging.

Anti-Aging Ingredient #1. Rice

Rice is the soul grain of Asian history and culture. In most Asian countries, a meal would always include a bowl of sticky rice. The residual rice water you get after rinsing the rice is what Asians have been using for their skin all along. Even today, many Asians occasionally cleanse their skin using rice water for its brightening and lightening effect. 

Why choose rice for anti-aging?

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 Rice as a skincare ingredient, or “Oryza sativa extract,” is naturally extracted from plants and is rich in vitamin B and E, ferulic acid, and oryzanol. Rice contains over natural minerals and antioxidants that work most effective for softening and brightening skin. Its components tackle hyperpigmentation and treat uneven skin tone, which makes it a perfect ingredient for people who are most concerned about their freckles and dark spots.

Anti-Aging Ingredient #2. Mugwort 

Mugwort is a traditional Asian anti-aging ingredient that has been used alongside rice. Ssuk, which is a Korean name for mugwort, has existed from the start of the Korean dynasty and has taken up a strong positing in Korean folklore in the form of rice cake snacks, tea, and medicine. Although mugwort may not be as famous as rice, you would be surprised to see how much it can also do for your skin from fighting off bacteria to soothing and calming your skin. 

Why choose mugwort for anti-aging?

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 This potent herb is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to make your skin younger by strengthening, protecting, and healing your skin. Mugwort has the strongest antibacterial, anti-fungal qualities that nature can offer, which makes it also a mild and gentle ingredient. Because mugwort protects your skin from bacteria and fungi, it also prevents acne and keeps the surface of your skin sanitary for faster healing. 

Anti-Aging Ingredient #3. Vitamin C

You might want to check how much daily dosage of vitamin C is included in your daily multivitamin formula. You would probably notice that vitamin C is on the top of the list and that itself is proof of how vitamin C is crucial for your health. Vitamin C is not only a health supplement but is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. The speed of skin aging is triggered and accelerated by free radicals that are impossible to avoid in everyday life. Antioxidant, being the most loyal fighters against the army of free radicals, is definitely the most direct way to tackle premature skin and aging skin. 

Why choose vitamin C for anti-aging?

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 Vitamin C is recommended to those who do not have a particular concern when it comes to skincare but want to take preventive measures, just in case. Vitamin C is especially an effective ingredient for people who love the outdoors as it decreases harmful free radicals that are easily found during encounters with the sun, UV light, and air pollutants. It is also known that vitamin C helps the production of collagen, improving elasticity in the skin.

Anti-Aging Ingredient #4. Green Tea

The connection between Asian tea culture and Asian women’s flawless skin is evident. Drinking tea is a significant part of Asian culture and recycling the tea bags has been a skincare tip that Asian women have shared since the history of tea bags. Topically applying green tea soothes and calms damaged skin and adds moisture to the surface of your skin. Can’t imagine putting green tea on your skin instead of drinking it? You would have been using green tea all along without you knowing because green tea could have been hiding under its latin name, camellia sinensis.

Why choose green tea for anti-aging?

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 Green tea is rich in antioxidants, including Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and polyphenols. Both components are potent when applied topically and are effective for sun-damaged skin. They collaborate to soothe irritated skin and heal the surface of damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Ingredient #5. Honey

Like green tea, honey is an ingredient you can both eat and topically apply to your skin. Its sticky texture traps moisture to your skin, creating a thick barrier of amino acid, peptide, and vitamins. There are many different types of honey but they all mostly share moisturizing and hydrating qualities, along with its strong antioxidant effect.

Why choose honey for anti-aging?

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 Honey is where you can really have it all. Anti-inflammatory? Honey, she’s got ‘em. Anti-bacterial? Honey, she’s got ‘em too. Wound healing? Honey, YES! And a special emphasis on wound healing because if you really want your skin looking younger, it should be all about restoring the damaged skin cells. Honey is antiseptic that prevents infection and heals wounds. Because honey also induces faster production of collagen, your damaged skin will repair in no time with the help of honey.

Anti-Aging Ingredient #6. Propolis

Although honey and propolis come from similar sources, they play totally different roles in skincare. Propolis is the ingredient collected from bee hives, packed with healthy, beneficial compounds like flavonoids and phenolics. While honey is a barrier that protects your skin from external factors, propolis is what allows your skin to strengthen from within. Just like how propolis as medicine is known for enhancing your immune system, propolis as a skincare ingredient does something similar -- makes it resilient and resistant.  

Why choose propolis for anti-aging?

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 If you’re in it for the long run, propolis is the way to go. Propolis increases the overall resilience for your skin, making it stronger against external stimuli. In addition, propolis has natural antiviral qualities that makes it even more powerful against viruses and bacteria. This means that if your acne has been aggravated by bacteria or fungi, using propolis would allow your skin to naturally grow the ability to treat acne. Propolis usually comes in serums or ampoules, maximizing its efficacy. So with just a drop or two of propolis, you’re looking younger by a year or a two.

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