5 Simple Steps to Remove Acne Scars in Just 2 Weeks!

by Gina Myung on Nov 05, 2018

  We hope you’re equally as excited as we are to hear that Wish, Try, Love is back with even greater discounts, benefits and products! To celebrate the kick-off of season 2, we’ve come to you with a box to help you on your fight with acne.While treating acne itself can be stressful and even painful to deal with, it can leave something even worse for the skin if not properly treated: acne marks and pigmentation. Without the proper acne treatment, acne scars can lead to pigmentation, and leave long lasting dark spots on our skin. This is why we’ve prepared the Post Acne Pigmentation Care Box to enhance your skin care, to erase pigmentation formed through improper acne care, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, and prevent UV induced aging to prevent further pigmentation!Get these great products that are originally worth $160, with a discount of 25%, for only $122.63 only for a limited amount of time!  

Benefits you’ll receive with the Post Acne Pigmentation Care Box :

- 25% Discounted Price- Worldwide Standard Free Shipping  

Just a short list of some of the benefits of this box :

- Post-Acne Pigmentation Care- Brightening- Antioxidant effects- Strengthens the skin’s barrier- Anti Inflammatory  

Clear skin in just 5 steps!

Here are the great products you’ll be getting in the Post Acne Pigmentation Care Box, for clear and healthy skin with just 5 simple skin care steps! Watch the full video about "3 Secrets to Remove Acne Pigmentation & Brighten Skin Complexion in the Most Effective & Fast Way!” now!  

Step1. Tone Skin with Rice

How many of you are familiar with the ingredient 'rice'? Rice is mostly known as a great skin brightening ingredient and especially rice water is known to have been used widely in Asia as a beauty water for ladies in the past. It helps to heal damaged skin and also prevent further damage to the skin, which is very important for any of those who are in the process of healing acne. Its effect are maximized when used as a cleanser or a toner. Adding rice as the very first step as a toner after cleansing will not only help you with skin brightening but also prepping the skin with a hydrated finish for what will come afterwards. 


Rice Toner


  : After cleansing, the most important step in skincare is to tone the skin. This is the first skincare product applied to start off your routine, and should be hydrating and work to balance the skin. The I’m From rice toner works to not only do the previously mentioned, but also brighten and cleanse the skin. 

Real review :

"This rice toner literally improved my overall skin complexion and enhanced my dull skin into a brighter looking skin! Not only that it is hydrating, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin and I can definitely layer it as much as I want. I've been already using it for 2 weeks now and I have seen so much improvement! The magic of rice is working on my skin!"  

Step2. Vitamin C for Acne Spots

When your main mission is to remove acne scars, how can we not talk about VITAMIN C. If acne pigmentation is your skin concern, adding vitamin c in your skincare routine is definitely a must. But let's not forget that when we also have active acne on our skin, we want to be as gentle as we can with skin care. Adding Vitamin C through a serum in your skincare will be the smartest way to see progress on your skin. Your skincare history will now be divided into 'before you used vitamin c' and 'after you used vitamin c'.


Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop


  : The best way to care for acne-induced pigmentation is to use the proper products that have pigmentation fighting ingredients, such as vitamin C. The Klairs vitamin serum is formulated with 5% pure stabilized vitamin C to brighten the skin, gently exfoliate, and reduce pigmentation. 

Real review :

“I have had major acne issues for years and it left my skin with dark marks, uneven tone and discolored all over. it was embarrassing and annoying honestly, but this product has changed that through effectively yet gently removing dead skin cells and working as a dark spot treatment.”  

Step3. Hydrating & Soothing is a Must

Many of us who have concerns about acne marks also carry concern on 'dull skin tone'. Ingredients like rice and vitamin c will definitely help enhance skin complexion and tone however, the most basic rule to never forget for any troubled skin is 'soothing' and 'hydration'. As long as you keep these two rules in mind, you will always be off with a better start. Whenever the skin feels sensitive with acne or acne spots, add a sheet mask that will effectively soothe and hydrate the skin from deep within. 


Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask


  : A weakened skin barrier disrupts the balance between the epidermis and dermis, making the skin more susceptible to pigmentation. It’s important to replenish the skin of ceramide, which is crucial in maintaining the skin’s protective barrier in order to maintain the balance between the epidermis and dermis. The Klairs sheet mask is an excellent way to hydrate, soothe and strengthen the skin. 

Real customer review :

“This mask is extremely hydrating and calming. It leaves my skin looking very plump and glowing, even on the next day, and doesn't cause any irritations.”  

Step4. Calm Inflammation & Redness from Acne

Be familiar with the ingredient 'centella asiatica' if you have acne or are going through the post-acne phase. No, actually be best friends with the ingredient! This will be your skin saver whenever the skin turns sensitive, irritated, inflamed or even hurt. Keeping this ingredient in your vanity at all times will change your skincare game for good! 


Midnight Blue Calming Cream


  : The most important thing acne-prone skin needs is soothing care. Calm down any inflammation, irritation and infection with the calming qualities of guaiazulene, and reduce the pain that comes post-extraction with the Klairs blue cream. 

Real customer review :

“I totally recommend it. My skin is oily and I have acne. This cream helps me to improve my skin and also avoid some pimples. I strongly recommend it.”  

Step5. Never Forget UV Essence for Clear Skin

Yes, you guessed it right, sun protection! We now all know how much it is important to apply sun protection for healthy skin. But it is even more important especially if you have acne spots or pigmentation. Why so? When you have acne scars, the areas around it has already started to darken or it is still red and inflamed. If you leave them unprotected from the sun, it will only make it worse. So if you don't want it to be irritated or even darker, make sure you add SPF at the last step of your day time routine. And remember, the lighter the better. 


Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA ++++


  : UV rays can induce premature aging, depleting the skin of it’s collagen, reducing elasticity and plumpness. This makes the skin thinner, increasing changes of pigmentation. The Klairs UV essence is lightweight, hydrating and has a water-based gel type formula that dries transparent on the skin without leaving a white cast, or any oily, uncomfortable feeling. 

Real customer review :

“I've been using this for weeks and I am honestly shock how lightweight this is! It feels like I am not wearing any sunscreen at all. It sinks perfectly in the skin and doesn't give me an oily finish. No white cast, too! This would suit any skin type even sensitive skin. It's super worth it.”

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