5-Min Guide to Dry Skin | Hydrate the Skin Every Step of the Way

by Lorena Jimenez on Jan 14, 2019

  Dry, dry, dry! Probably one of the worst feeling that your skin can feel. Especially when the wind gets colder and drier, piling on layers and layers of cream might not even be enough. What worse? Taking a hot bath in a cold winter won't be the privilege that you can enjoy if you have dry skin.  

I know it is hard!

Feeling all that pull, scaling and extra sensitivity will never be the fun part, BUT good news is that if you master a routine that fits your skin's needs, it will not only keep skin hydrated but also nourish & soften the skin! Hydrated & healthy skin is what you will get once you curate a skincare that will effectively work on dry skin! But before anything, how do you know if you have dry skin? Let's find that out first.  

Do I have dry skin?

Many times it is hard to know what our specific skin type is. Which is normal since skin conditions tend to change a lot over time. Some tips that might help you pinpoint if your current skin state is on the dry side are the following: - Skin is overly sensitive or pulls during the day or after cleansing- You tend to get flaky or patchy in some areas- Skin is not elastic enough for your age- Skin feels slightly rough and looks dull- Fine lines and small strikes form through any repeated movements- Makeup tends to crack easily- Skin gets irritated after changes in temperatures.  

Best Routine for Dry Skin

On the contrary to popular belief, the best thing you can do in order to take care of your dry skin is not to apply a lot of heavy moisturizers repeatedly in hopes that your skin will absorb it and one day decide to finally become moist and plump.What is actually best for your dry skin is not only moisturizing with something occlusive to prevent moisture loss but prior to that you would have needed to properly and efficiently moisturized your skin from deep within, for that last moisture step to be efficient at all. How do you do that you might ask? Choosing the right routine for your needs, fortunately here you have some basic rules that you might want to start following :)  

1. Moisturizing starts with your cleanser

What might also be a huge surprise for you is the fact that miniaturization does not actually start from the actual moisturizing step, but right at the beginning of your routine with your cleanser of choice.Choosing a cleanser that is good enough to cleanse your skin, but mild enough to not overly dry it, irritate it or get rid of all the natural oils that benefit your skin is a basic necessity of your routine. Especially since having dry skin, you already don't produce as much natural sebum and oils you want to choose a cleanser that helps to bring hydration and respects your skin barrier, so your skin does not have any more chances to dry excessively.


Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser



For that, the rich moist cleanser with ingredients like hyaluronic acid will be perfect to add an extra layer of moisture even during the cleansing step, which will make a whole lot of difference at any time of the year, but especially now during the colder months. So make sure to search for cleansers rich in hydrants.


2. Toner is the new moisturizer

Toner or in Korean, “Skin”, is not only there to balance the Ph levels and swipe any extra impurities. In fact, for most skin types and overall for dry skin types, it should be our loyal friend to build hydration from within and re-balance the moisture levels of the skin.If you have heard about the seven skin care method, it could be a great life saver for your skin, if you suffer from dryness or skin is extra dehydrated during these cold winter months.


Rice Toner



Choose a toner filled with rich and soothing ingredients, one that does not feel too heavy though, so the skin can easily absorb it. Apply the first layer when your skin is still a little bit damp. Pad it well into the skin and go with a second layer. Repeat this process as much as you need, to acquire your desired level of hydration and plumpness. Anything between 3 and 7 layers of toner will be more than enough. You don't need to do this every day either, just do it on the days that your skin needs to get back on track.


3. Ingredients over thickness

If your skin is dry, you might just want to jump right into applying a thick layer of a heavy moisturizer. However, like mentioned earlier, it is all about building up step by step for effective hydration into the deepest layer of your skin. So rather adding a thick cream, try adding a ampoule with great consistency that absorbs effectively.



Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule



Ingredients such as "propolis" will be great not only at hydrating the skin, but also adding softness and that elasticity that dry skin fails to maintain most of the time. Apply a good layer morning and night to say hello to your bouncy and soft skin.


4. Do not forget to treat your skin

Proper cleansing, a few layers of toner and good ingredients will do wonders, but there are just some days that your skin is just not having it, and might need the extra pick me up. On those days you can always use a hydrating sheet mask to seal the deal.



Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask



Because dry skin, tends to get irritated easily, it is important that you choose a deeply moisturizing mask. One that will provide enough moisture, even when your skin is feeling extra dry while also having soft ingredients and materials to minimize irritation.


5. Finish it all up with good nutrition

Even if you have dry skin, heavy & thick creams aren't always the answer to hydration. What matters the most is the steps of skincare consisted with effective ingredients. It's so important to feed your skin with proper ingredients in the most effective and gentle way.



Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask


Products with ingredients such as "Vitamin E" will not only provide moisture and hydration but also fight that dullness and lack of elasticity that dry skin types are so known for. So make sure you use a good moisturizer to lock all that hydration in while feeding the skin with the best ingredients catered to your specific skin needs.

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