4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather

by Gina Myung on Jun 28, 2018

With the summer months come tank tops and shorts, iced drinks and fun in the sun. But on the other side also comes heat and humidity, and a general feeling of dread when thinking about staying outside without the aforementioned things.4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather Article Insert 1While hot weather brings changes to our wardrobe and daily habits, we also need to make changes to our skincare routines. Constant exposure to this kind of weather can bring a plethora of negative effects on our skin starting from pigmentation, to sun spots, wrinkles and more. Read on for some tips on how to ensure that your skin is equipped with the best skincare for hot weather!

What does hot weather do to our skin?

Heat definitely takes a toll on our skin. Before we get to equipping you with the best skincare for hot weather to get you through this rough season, first we want to make sure you have an understanding of what this kind of weather does to our skin.Aside from the most apparent issues like irritation and redness, there are five main skin concerns that we can attribute to hot weather. Loss of hydration, buildup of dead skin, premature aging and increased fine lines & wrinkles, greasy skin & increased sebum production, and sun spots & freckles are things that we can expect. But, these are all skin concerns that we can get through if we make the right choices in creating our skincare routine. The best skincare for hot weather is simpler than you think.Watch the full video about "Ultimate Skincare Guide During Hot & Humid Weather | Full Summer Skincare Routine”[embed][/embed]

A day and night routine

Now that we’ve learned about the most common skin concerns that arise in the summer, try incorporating some small changes into your routine. To bring back balance, and a healthy glow back to your skin, follow these steps for a perfect, balanced day and night routine to combat the hot weather.

1. Cleanse

Do you notice that your skin gets more oily as the weather gets hotter? As our skin is exposed to heat for a long time, its temperature rises, leading to heightened oil and sebum production. With a one degree increase in our skin’s temperature, our skin can produce as much as 10% more sebum than it usual. This leads to that oily look we want to avoid, as it can lead to a series of other skin concerns, such as clogged pores, acne, and more.The best skincare for hot weather starts with thorough cleansing! Reach for cleansers that balance and control sebum production through natural ingredients like charcoal, which absorbs oil while staying gentle, making it mild enough for even the most sensitive skin. But the most important thing is that your cleanser doesn’t overly dry the skin of its natural protective oils.4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather Article Insert 2- Our recommendation: [KLAIRS] Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap

2. Exfoliate

It’s crucial that we exfoliate especially during the hot weather. Heat can also lead to dehydration of the skin, meaning dry, flaky skin amidst the oily surface. Without exfoliating, dead skin builds up on the surface of the skin, preventing the nourishing properties of our skincare from reaching deep into the skin.To prevent this buildup of dead skin, exfoliate regularly while focusing on hydrating the skin at the same time in order to counteract the dryness. Use products that are gentle on the skin, and opt for mild AHAs like mandelic acid, which can be easily added to your daily routine due to its mild nature in comparison to other acids and physical scrubs.4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather Article Insert 3- Our recommendation: [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

3. Hydrate

When it’s hot, it’s natural for us to crave a cool cup of water to replenish moisture lost through sweating. As much as it’s important to keep the body hydrated, it’s important that we keep the skin moisturized as well. Without water, the skin can’t maintain its prime condition to continue to protect itself from environmental irritants due to a weakened skin barrier.Don’t skip out on serums when doing your skincare routine. Use light serums that absorb well into the skin that focus on moisturizing the skin.4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather Article Insert 4- Our recommendation: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing SerumWhen choosing a moisturizer, look for products that contain ultra-hydrating oils and humectants like glycerin, which is excellent in keeping moisture locked in the skin. Avoid thick products that create an unwanted sticky barrier on the skin, but instead look for lightweight products that won’t disturb the skin.4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather Article Insert 5- Our recommendation: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream

4. Protect

UV rays are present all year round, and are more prominent during the summer. When combined with the direct heat our skin is exposed to, they can cause more harm that takes shape in the form of sun spots, redness, tanning, increased fine lines, and other signs of premature aging. In the worst case, longterm UV exposure can lead to skin cancer, which is why the best skincare for hot weather includes protecting and caring for the skin.During the day, protect the skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen - an SPF of 40, PA++ is perfect for everyday wear. When choosing a sunscreen, pick one that not only shields against UVA and UVB, but also blocks off heat, while not being oily and overbearing on the skin.4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather Article Insert 6- Our recommendation: [KLAIRS] Soft Airy UV EssenceFor night, turn back the damaging effects of the sun with a repairing serum that soothes and restores the skin. Ingredients like EGF & BEGF are great as they work to promote collagen production, which is needed to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Serums that also contain calming agents like guaiazulene, which calms irritation will give your skin the calm, soothing relief it needs.4 Rules to Create the Best Skincare for Hot Weather Article Insert 7- Our recommendation: [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

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