TMI Box #TellMoreInfo Box: which one is for me?

by Claudia Christin on Nov 26, 2023

When it comes to finding a source of information about skincare online, it can be very  overwhelming and gets tiring at the very least. Where do we start? How to use it? Which one is  best for my skin concern? That’s why Wishtrend create this #TMI box! Unlike the TMI that you  might’ve known before (aka too much information), on the contrary, it stands for “tell more info”.  You’ll get everything you need from A-Z about the products and even more. 


Just close down every other window tab, viral social media video or thread, you’ll get everything  you need in this one article about the #TMIBOX 

Bakuchiol TMI Box for Well Aging  

Are you looking for ways to kickstart your well-aging game? Look no more this TMI box is the  best fit for you 


What’s in it:  

1. By Wishtrend Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream (30ml) 

Combination of Retinal 300ppm (most active/potent Vitamin A, works faster than retinol)  + Bakuchiol 10,000ppm (plant extract that works like retinol, minimum side effects than  retinol) 

Hypoallergenic night cream that Improves pore appearance, skin texture & skin  elasticity, Reduced wrinkles and age spots that are perfect for well-aging care beginners.


2. TMI 01 - Tell More : Well-aging, Like a Fine Wine 

3. TMI 02 - Tell More & More : Well-aging 

4. TMI 03 - More, More & More 

5. There's More!? - Limited Edition Goods 


Who is it for: 

All skin type, Well aging/Vitamin A beginners, Sensitive skin 


Skin Concerns to tackle 

Uneven skin texture, wrinkles and age spots, mature skin 


What you’ll learn in this box 

Everything about well-aging and how to properly start on your retinal-journey (and why they  used a retinal instead of retinol) for well-aging care 


Green Tea & Enzyme TMI Box - Skin Reset Edition

A refresh button for your skin. Ways to put everything back to its balance state. Think of this as  your first baby step for a hydrated and healthy skin. 


What’s in it: 

1. By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash (110ml) + By Wishtrend Green Tea &  Enzyme Milky Foaming Wash (140ml)

The duo cleansing powerhouse will perfectly prep your skin for all the good things you’re  going to put on your face. Cleansing step is one of the most important yet tricky one  because you want to remove all the dirt, impurities and excess sebum while maintaining. 

The milky foaming 52% Jeju Green Tea Water makes a great face wash for your daily  use. Meanwhile the enzyme powder, green tea powder and papain enzyme makes a  great occasional exfoliating cleansing step when your skin is feeling dull and textured. 


2. TMI 01 - Skin Reset Flowchart Poster  

3. TMI 02 - Tell More & More : Skin Reset Guide Book  

4. Cleanse to Reset Spa Headband  

5. Cleanse to Reset Face Towel  


Who is it for: 

All skin types (Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, Sensitive). Everyone can enjoy this product! 


Skin Concerns to tackle 

Rough Skin Texture, Pores, Blackheads, Oiliness, Uneven skin texture 


What you’ll learn in this box 

Everything about cleansing for every skin type! Regardless if you have dry skin, combo skin, or  oily skin, you’ll learn so much about how to make the best out of these two products! 


Propolis TMI Box - Glow Energy edition  

You must’ve heard about propolis every now and then in K-beauty products. If you want to get  your hands on it and learn deeper about the benefit of propolis, this TMI box is definitely for you! 


What’s in it:  

1.By Wishtrend Propolis Energy Calming Ampoule (30ml)  

Antioxidant-rich ampoule with 15% propolis extract and 59% houttuynia cordata extracts  that are great for acne-prone and sensitive skin.  

Providing intense 24 hours of hydration and glow. A juicy drop for a bouncy and glowing  skin. 


2. TMI 01 - Intro & Toolkit Checkbox (Poster) 

3. TMI 02 - Tell More & More : Glow Energy (Guide Book) 

4. TMI 03 - More, More & More (Sample Kits) 

5. There's More!? - Limited Edition Goods (Enamel Pin & Tape)


Who is it for:  

All skin type (Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, Sensitive) 


Skin Concerns to tackle

Acne & Blemishes, Redness, Textured skin 


What you’ll learn in this box:  

You’ll learn about the miracle of propolis and everything else in between. Now, have you decide on which set is the right fit for you? 

Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

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