10 Fun Facts About Wishtrend Worth Knowing for the Extra Fun!

by Wendy Kim on Oct 28, 2020

Yes, 2020 has been rough for all of us...  Yet, Wishtrend always finds a way to be festive and share positivity with its subscribers and customers.Wishtrend is celebrating 10th anniversary with its mother company, Wishcompany! Wishcompany is celebrating 10th anniversary since its establishment, and Wishtrend is celebrating this year to make the festivity extra fun!And to celebrate a wonderful decade and a decade more, why not take this time to take a closer look into "Wishtrend" and have a better idea of where your journey to positive beauty takes off!

10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Wishtrend

  1. Fact 1. Wishtrend didn't always look like how it looks like now ?

about-wishtrend-insert-image-2 initially launched as a B2B website created for international buyers to make their wholesale orders, and was not intended for individual customers. Then, surprisingly, we started to see orders from individual customers who aren't buyers, (first were from Australia and Mongolia!) even though we never advertised about our website. So what's the point of us telling you this? It's to tell you how thankful we are and that is where it is at now all because of YOU. Somehow you discovered the existence of Wishtrend and gave us hope and vision to deliver the best of Korean skincare products to wider range of individuals. 

Fact 2. Klairs has a full name, and it's called "Dear, Klairs" ✨

[caption id="attachment_453778" align="aligncenter" width="500"]about-wishtrend-insert-image-3 2 Step Freshly Juiced Brightening Set[/caption]If you've been following Wishtrend, the brand Klairs is no stranger! You probably will be familiar with the name Klairs and you would also notice that the hosts at Wishtrend TV also refer it as 'Klairs'. However, did you know that 'Dear, Klairs' is the actual full version of the brand name? If you look closer to the packaging of the products, you'll notice the little 'dear' placed on the top of the 'klairs' logo! Many of the media outlets refer to the brand as 'Dear, Klairs', so don't be surprised when you see the full name and don't be confused! And by the way, Dear, Klairs is opening its very first offline store in the center of Seoul called 'klairs seoul'. More details will be shared in the near future!

Fact 3. PANTONE  2195C is the color of Wishtrend ?

about-wishtrend-insert-image-4When you enter Wishtrend, you would notice a pervasive color scheme on the website! And that color is probably blue. Wishtrend loves to use different colors for contents however, if you have to explain Wishtrend in color, it would be 'blue'! Not just any blue, but Pantone 2195C. So, if you have been laying eyes on the blue of Wishtrend, here you have it! You could tag us @wishtrend if you find anything blue around you!

Fact 4. There's not just one @wishtrend account on Instagram but @wishtrendstory and more ?

about-wishtrend-insert-image-5@wishtrend on Instagram is where you can find out the latest update on Wishtrend from promotion news to new product and brand releases! You can also find original video contents such as 'first impression' and collaborative video contents with influencer partners. And lately infographics on skincare posts has been receiving much love and positive feedbacks! However, did you know that there is another account on Instagram called @wishtrendstory? Here, you can find all the necessary information and updates on Wishtrend but the posts are more curated towards detailed reviews of different products curated on Wishtrend! And if you tag @wishtrend or @wishtrendstory on your story, @wishtrendstory is where you'd be reposted ASAP you are spotted by our staffs!

Fact 5. You can always use WISH15 for additional 15% OFF on your purchase ?

One of the exciting part of shopping on Wishtrend is the additional discounts and benefits you can enjoy with COUPONS! Wishtrend unveils different coupon codes for different occasions and many of them are limited to time sales or weekly promotions. However, did you know that there are a few coupon codes that you can use regardless of the dates? WISH15 is a coupon code that you can use for additional 15% off on your purchase, so whenever you have the opportunity to shop on Wishtrend, just remember the 6 digit code and shop away!

Fact 6. Wishtrend TV is not the only channel you can find on Youtube ?

[caption id="attachment_453807" align="aligncenter" width="500"]about-wishtrend-insert-image-6 Click onto the banner above to visit Wish Beauty Lab on Youtube[/caption]Wishtrend TV has been and still continues to offer informative and entertaining contents. If you are looking for an answer to your skincare questions and concerns, Wishtrend TV is where you can find the answer! Just type in a keyword such as 'acne', 'blackheads', 'dry skin', 'exfoliation' and etc on the search bar on Wishtrend TV's channel and voila, you will find the list of videos to guide you through! BUT, did you know that there is also another channel on Youtube called 'Wish Beauty Lab'? Wish Beauty Lab is a channel where you can find detailed video contents on the texture, ingredients, tutorials and review on individual products for different brands! 

Fact 7. Search bar is useful to find the information you need ?

There are over 100 articles on Wishtrend and you could probably find most of the skincare information you would need for your enhanced skincare experience! However, if you have been struggling with finding the exact piece of the skincare read that you need, it would be hard to go through every single page on the editorial page one by one. Let me save you some time! Type the keyword of your skincare needs onto the search bar on upper left corner (both on the mobile version and PC version), whether it be 'acne', 'winter skincare', 'how to remove blackheads' and etc. We got you covered. 

Fact 8. The staffs at Wishtrend are a part of 'OOO lab' instead of 'OOO department' or 'OOO team' ?‍??‍?

This is something that Wishtrend never shared with their followers and customers and as an insider myself, this is a very interesting fact, a culture of Wishtrend! The staffs at Wishtrend are part of what is called a 'lab'. The company is consisted of different labs instead of different departments or teams. The decision to call it 'labs' derived from the CEO's desire to create a more open, horizontal and interactive working environment for the staffs. The word 'lab' also portrays an image of professionalism and embraces the idea of specialized work scope which I personally find it have a positive influence on the attitude the staffs take towards the work they do. For October of 2020, there is a total of 17 labs at Wishcompany and there are about 5 different labs working for Wishtrend!

Fact 9. Hosts at Wishtrend TV all have their personal Youtube channels ❤️

about-wishtrend-insert-image-7'Wishtrend has the best hosts on Youtube' - this is an underestimation! Every single hosts on Wishtrend TV are not just skincare gurus on camera but also off camera! They are skincare fanatics to the soul and they carry on every day with huge love and passion for skincare! Eunice and Kasper who has been with Wishtrend TV for years still continue to study and explore skincare and Eunice is now challenging herself to be a performing skin therapist! 'Did you know that you can not only find them on Wishtrend TV but also on their private channels? Both Eunice and Kasper runs an individual Youtube channel each called @EuniUnni and @KASPER. And there you can not only find even more skincare talks but also personal vlogs and contents not restricted to skincare. So make sure to show them some love! Iris (@prettylittleiris) and (@Mehdi (@thejipdori), who recently joined Wishtrend TV is also very active and vocal when it comes to skincare and beauty on their Instagram account. I guess this all means that you can count on Wishtrend TV, that's for sure. 

Fact 10. If you wish to have a chance to be featured in our #wishtrender series, you can email us ?

[caption id="attachment_453832" align="aligncenter" width="500"]about-wishtrend-insert-image-8 The 4th episode of #wishtrender was with Claudia Christin (@funskincare)[/caption]There is a series on Wishtrend Glam (editorial of Wishtrend) called #wishtrender. It is a series that was first presented this year for the purpose of sharing stories of staffs, partners, affiliates, customers of Wishtrend. So far, we've published 5 episodes - 2 on staffs at Wishtrend, 2 on partners of Wishtrend and 1 on the latest host on Wishtrend TV! The series aims to build a 'positive beauty community' where everyone, regardless of skin types can share their stories of their journey on skincare and with Wishtrend. And guess what! If you wish to share your story with Wishtrend, and with everyone on Wishtrend, you could email us at with #wishtrender in the title! Wishtrend is always open to hear your stories, share information that you might need and help you to be a part of the positive skincare community!

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